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This has been an exciting week, but there’s more to come. We are thrilled to have launched Movies Silently, which we already think is the definitive silent film podcast online. We can’t wait to hear what Fritzi comes up with next. Speaking of which, she is already on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. The best way to subscribe is at her Show page and click the Subscribe button for options.

We have also been submitting our shows to Spotify and they are approved.

You can find the shows on the service here:

25th Frame Master Feed

Criterion Close-Up

Criterion Now

The Complete Podcast

We will be adding more shows to the service soon, as well as other services.

We have more news coming soon, with another podcast launching that we’re really excited about. We also have someone new joining us, and it’s somebody that you probably know if you’re a cinephile like us. Stay tuned.