How to Support Us

The idea behind The 25th Frame is to gather a group of like-minded, creative individuals to develop content together while being supported by those appreciating the content. This is a hobby or side project for many of us, and a full-time job for one of us.

The amount of energy and creativity behind the scenes has truly been exhilarating, and much of that is being directed towards not only the podcasts, but also the additional rewards we can offer. Frankly, we love talking about cinema and culture and we want to reward the people that support us.

First off, the 25th Frame Master Feed is up at iTunes. Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review. That’s the best way to support us as we get this network off the ground.

The primary way to support us is through Patreon. Aaron launched the Criterion Now Patreon last year to some success, and shared the proceeds with guests and rewards back to the community. That campaign is being transformed for The 25th Frame, and Aaron wrote a post about how that will work. Essentially the shows without Patreons will have their own “Channels” where people can subscribe, or they can subscribe to the entire network at a higher level and get all content.

Perhaps the best benefit of the higher level is what we’re now calling the Avengers Shows thanks to a joke made on Twitter. We did an episode with a group of 10 of us, and they called that an art film podcast version of The Avengers. We’ll continue doing that for Criterion announcement reactions as a big group, and smaller groups for other topics. For example, we gathered a few people to talk about the Oscar nominations. Going forward we’d also like to talk about event films. For instance in 2018, Roma and The Other Side of the Wind releases would be worth talking about. There will be plenty more to cover going forward.

On top of the main Patreon, some of our shows have campaigns of their own. Cole Roulain and Ericca Long do a fantastic job of balancing new content with bonus episodes. You can find their Patreon campaign here.

Doug and Jamie maintain their own Patreon account for Good Times, Great Movies. They will also share bonus clips on the 25th Frame website, like they did with Under the Cherry Moon this week.

Last but certainly not least, Fritzi Kramer has her own Patreon which preceded her podcast and supported her blog. As she launches her podcast, she’ll release early episodes to her followers and they’ll appear on the feed roughly a week later. She will be launching her podcast soon and regularly talks about it there.

Supporting The 25th Frame will lead to support for all other creators whether it is paying for their hosting bills or equipment, but we encourage you to support all of us. Even a small pledge to each show can go a long way.