Podcast Feeds and Social Media

As I write this, we’re about to publish the first Criterion Now episode on the new server.

In the meantime there are a few places to listen to us. You can find individual subscribe links at our Shows page.

You can also subscribe to the 25th Frame Master Feed. It is in the process of being reviewed by iTunes, and we expect it to be found there soon. If you’d rather not wait, just copy this link and manually add that to your preferred podcast player. For example in the Apple Podcasts app, you would go to the Library section, click on Edit, and then click on Add a Podcast by URL. Paste that link in and you’ll get all of the shows from the network including back episodes.

The formatting and title descriptions may not be as clear on the feed for the back episodes, but they will be sorted soon. New episodes will also appear on the feed as they are published. It is worth noting that this master feed is only for Podcasts. Videos such as the ones that we’ve been adding from Daisuke Beppu are only available on the website or at his YouTube channel.

We also have a larger social media presence. If you haven’t yet, please stop over to our Facebook page and “like” it. We can also be followed on Twitter. All posts from the website, whether they are news articles like this one, episodes, videos, etc. will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

We will be adding more social media outlets soon and submitting our shows to other podcast players including Spotify. Keep posted.