New Beginnings

As I write this, I am about to record the first episode of Criterion Now of the year. It is fitting that my guests will be Cole Roulain and Matt Gasteier because they’ve been part of the development of this network. Cole and I are partners in this venture, and Matt has been a creative consultant. They also happen to be tremendous podcasters with a wealth of film knowledge. It is the perfect lineup to begin a network and another year with this podcast.

We’ll get a chance to talk a little bit about the ideas behind The 25th Frame Network, and also get into the latest Criterion news including the New Year’s drawing, the April 2019 Criterion releases, and several other topics.

Even though we have moved the show to this network, from the listener standpoint not much will change. It will appear as an unedited episode on the Patreon. It will appear on the Criterion Now feed within a few days or at most a week.

What people won’t notice is that the feed will have changed servers. The other shows will also be added to our servers one by one. As this happens, there will be a master feed and the Most Recent page will be updated with each new episode.

We are extremely excited to announce that Mark Hurne and I will be re-launching Criterion Close-Up. The show has long been dormant for too long, mostly because we both had other projects going on, and Mark was a regular participant at Criterion Now. The new version will continue the spirit of the old show. It gives us room to stretch our legs and discuss a film or topic in more detail, plus we’ll also have an opportunity to bring in more guests. We expect a new episode each month, and these will appear between Criterion Now episodes.

Criterion Close-Up will be integrated with the Criterion Now Patreon, so early episodes of both shows will arrive in the $3 range. There will be more Patreon changes as the channel will soon be re-branded and we will be incorporating other network shows. More details on that will be forthcoming.

Fritzi Kramer’s MoviesSilently is going to be launching soon, as she has already recorded her first episode and posted a preview on her own Patreon. She will be posting early access episodes to her Patreon and episodes will appear on our feed about a week later. I’m looking forward to listening to her get into the technical details about silent film, and this initial episode will talk about how silent film could kill you. Yes, really.

I wanted to leave you with our good friend, Daisuke Beppu, and his introduction to the network.

In this Channel Update, he talks about his involvement with the network and discusses all of the shows in detail including sharing his favorite episodes. Daisuke is a great friend to all of us, so it is a thrill to have him. As he notes, he is the only YouTube participant as of now, but there very likely will be more. Even though this network has been built predominantly by podcasters, we want to encompass all forms of media. There is some terrific content on YouTube, and Daisuke stands out from the pack.