Can We Build It? Yes We Can!

Happy New Year! Quick update here.

Even though all has been quiet on the airwaves, work has been going on behind the scenes albeit a little slower and more deliberately as we settle back into our routine now that the holidays have passed.

The website is shaping up. It is still a long ways from where we want it, but we will build and grow it incrementally. We added two new Shows to the website. You’ll notice Daisuke Beppu and Film Baby Film are onboard. Aesthetically the network is looking up as we have a lot of new artwork. One change is that we renamed the Shows area as “Content,” which to be honest is not our favorite word and will probably change as we update with more … umm … content.

Speaking of content, we have some. A number of shows have migrated over. You can see episodes on the website on the Most Recent page. This includes the epic best of the year episode from Film Baby Film. Soon these will appear in podcast feeds, and next week we will record our first ever episode that will be published exclusively to the 25th Frame Network feed.

Patrons will get some love this week with two bonus episodes. I’m going to keep these as surprises now because they are super fun, but I’ll just say that one of them is going to be on the Criterion Now Bonus tier and the other will be to the 25th Frame Loyalist tier. The latter of which will be a peek behind the scenes as we grow this thing and make some decisions. We are going to include our audience in the development of this network, so expect a lot of updates to social media and Patreon going forward.