Film Baby Film: Episode 6 – Book and a Movie – The Long Goodbye

Welcome back to Film Baby Film. Life has been very good and very busy, as I’ve been traveling and moving and recording game shows (!), but I am definitely thrilled to get back to podcasting.

On today’s episode, we are joined by artist/poet Kurt Eidsvig, who joins us to discuss THE LONG GOODBYE, both the 1973 film by Robert Altman and the 1953 novel by genre master Raymond Chandler.

The first 13 minutes are an intro where I discuss some of what has been happening since my last episode, as well as explaining why I podcast. Feel free to skip ahead to listen to the discussion, but do yourself a favor: listen to the ending. Kurt is one hell of a guest and I am confident this won’t be our last “Book and a Movie” episode we record together.

Check out more about Kurt Eidsvig at his website: