Criterion Close-Up 12: The Brood (1979) and Early Cronenberg

Aaron, Mark and Brian Saur talk about David Croneberg’s recent Criterion Collection release of The Brood. We talk about the intense acting, the pseudo-science that goes into the film, and we delve into spoiler territory. Don’t worry — we give plenty of warning. We also talk about the early body horror of Cronenberg and how he integrated science and sexuality into his films, which would continue.

Show notes:

Special Guest: Brian Saur from Rupert Pupkin Speaks and Criterion Cast’s Off the Shelf. You can find him on Twitter.


0:00 – Intro, Welcome, Housekeeping 10:20 – News 22:00 – The Brood 45:45 – Spoiler section 52:15 – Ratings. Spoilers over. 1:02:40 – Early Cronenberg


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Ron Benson, founder of Eureka passes away.

The Brood

The incomparable Oliver Reed:

Early Cronenberg

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