Just The Discs – Episode 112 – David Lynch on Criterion

On this very special episode of the show, Brian invited his friends and previous guests Stephanie Crawford and Bill Ackerman to discuss anything they like without him – and they chose David Lynch as their topic. The recent Blu-ray release of BLUE VELVET from Criterion inspired a wonderful conversation about how both Stephanie and Bill found their way to the company itself and how they came to be Lynch devotees. They touch on all his films thus far that have been released on Blu-ray by Criterion and it is a delightful chat. Also included is a short interview that Bill did with Criterion producer Susan Arosteguy, who has worked on all the David Lynch releases they’ve done as well as the John Waters discs too. Enjoy!

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Filmshake Episode 4 – Ikiru (1952)

Jordan and Nic continue their series on the Japanese masters of cinema, with another round talking about director Akira Kurosawa. This episode features a spoiler-free discussion on the director’s beloved masterpiece Ikiru (To Live) as the hosts relate their very different experiences of the film (comedy or tragedy?). Having lost the previous trivia battle, Jordan reports back on a terrible film he was made to watch from a great director, John Boorman’s Where the Heart Is. Can he overcome this slump and beat Nic in the newest trivia battle? Find out on Filmshake!

Filmshake Episode 2 – The Life of Oharu (1952)

Jordan and Nic talk spoiler-free about Kenji Mizoguchi’s The Life of Oharu. Nic reports back about his assignment to watch Chungking Express. The two hosts duke it out in a trivia battle at the end.

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