DWT: Drinking While Talking – Episode 4: Roe V. Wade & Jill

Jill and Wade go from mass entertainment to mass hysteria as they tackle the latest threat to abortion rights that’s sweeping the South, discussing the what and why’s of Georgia and Alabama’s attempts to whittle away at Roe v. Wade. They also cover Politics in film, those movies that help shape our opinions and tell the tales of the little guy agains the system, and the corruptible nature of the system itself. Then they lighten the mood with a Name That Tune round where Jill challenges Wade’s bold assertion that he can name the artist or title of music from the 30s through the mid 60s. It’s a whirlwind of hot topics that turn our hosts into a hot mess, all brought to you by vodka and vino.

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Film Baby Film: Episode 31 – The Seventh Seal

Becky D’Anna joins FBF to discuss Ingmar Bergman’s THE SEVENTH SEAL. This is the first time I’ve dared to discuss such a historically significant film, and thankfully Becky was more than up for the challenge. Becky discusses her favorite scenes in the film, the religious and biographical themes, and makes a spirited defense for THE SEVENTH SEAL as a life-affirming movie.

While many podcasts have been recorded about Bergman’s classic film, I am confident few have had this much discussion of HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U.

Becky D’Anna

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Filmshake Episode 1.5 – Ugetsu Spoilers

Jordan and Nic get into the big reveals of Ugetsu Monogatari, including their “Eye of the Duck” segment (the key scene of the movie, à la David Lynch).

Filmshake Episode 1 – Ugetsu (1953)

Jordan and Nic introduce the show, talk spoiler-free about Kenji Mizoguchi’s Ugetsu, and conduct their first trivia battle.

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Film Baby Film: Episode 30 – Hour of the Wolf

Join Dave Eves and your host Jonathan James as they discuss one of Ingmar Bergman’s most terrifying films: HOUR OF THE WOLF. Dave and Jon sift through the truths, semi-truths, and outright lies surrounding Bergman’s life story and discuss how they impact their interpretation of the film. Jon also presents some half-baked theories, and Dave offers a spirited defense of CRIES AND WHISPERS.

Listening to this episode is more fun than attending a haunted dinner party where all the other guests are Udo Kier.

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