Good Times, Great Movies

Hosted ByDoug McCambridge and Jamie Lorello

A podcast about the best (but usually worst) of 80s cinema!


Every other Friday, Doug and Jamie discuss a film from the 1980’s. Some are films they haven’t seen since they were kids and offer a contemporary perspective. Others are films they’ve never seen before but probably should have. Do they hold up? Are they classics? Or would these films just be better off having been lost to time?

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GTGM Episode 118: Nighthawks (1981)

GTGM Episode 117: Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

GTGM Episode 116: Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

GTGM Episode 115: Motel Hell (1980) with Stephanie Crawford

GTGM Episode 114: Deadly Blessing (1981)

Grave robbing, terrifying Amish…I mean, um, Hittites, spooky spiders, poisonous snakes, a bit of...

GTGM Episode 113: No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

GTGM Episode 112: The Running Man (1987)

GTGM Episode 111: Fame (1980)

GTGM Episode 110: Cherry 2000 (1987) with Stephanie Crawford

On our latest episode, Doug clumsily refuses to introduce the guest, Jamie can’t tell...

GTGM: Beverly Hills Madam (Patreon bonus clip)

GTGM Episode 108: Party Camp (1987)

GTGM Episode 107: Gung Ho (1986)

GTGM Episode 106: Link (1986)

GTGM: Commando (Patreon bonus clip)

GTGM Episode 105: The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years (1988)

GTGM Episode 104: Blue Velvet (1986)

GTGM Episode 103: Code of Silence (1985)

On this action-packed episode, Jamie’s in a different timezone and comes off as sleepy...

GTGM Episode 102: The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)

GTGM Episode 101: Cat People (1982)

Doug and Jamie work their way through Paul Schrader’s baffling remake of Jacques Tourneur‘s...