Drinking While Talking

Hosted ByJill Blake & Wade Sheeler

Classic film. Classic music. Classic culture. Shaken and stewed.


Every episode of DWT: Drinking While Talking, Jill Blake & Wade Sheeler discuss movies and music, new and old, with some forays into pop culture from the past, as well as wherever the spirit takes them, as they get progressively more “spirited.” Whether they’re delving into classic film, desert island picks, quizzes, games or misguided monologues, the question will always remain, how far can they get, until everything falls apart? As the editors of TheRetroSet.com, the premiere clearing house for all things classic, you can catch their deep dives into movies, music and lifestyle. Sober. Their hope on DWT is to take the pretension out of discussing the classics, as they make their way from the early 20thcentury through modern day by way of film, culture, politics, through the prism of their unique and personal lens. And booze.

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