The End of the 25th Frame

The 25th Frame is ending at the end of the month. While that may seem like bad news to many of our subscribers and listeners, there are some positives to be found. First off, this was an experiment and we honestly did not know it would work.

When we started this, it was merely an excuse to get all of our friends from this circle of podcasts to collaborate and assist each other. Essentially it was all of our collective shows under one banner and one podcast feed. We also set out to create a community to assist each other. This ranged from helping develop topics, to helping with production tips, or even pooling subscriber donations for equipment. Finally, we promoted each other and it seems that each show grew. It felt like a dream team for niche film podcasts.

As time passed and we became situated, we became attractive to creators. We added a few other shows, although with the strict requirement that they complement our existing library and offer value. We didn’t want to stuff a podcast feed with every show under the sun, and we (politely) rejected roughly three shows for every one we added.

The experiment was an unqualified success. Even towards the end of the year, we had some great ideas and there was potential for further growth. I think that we had a lot of untapped potential. The problem was that this became a labor to a certain degree and less about fun and supporting each other. The friendships exist, but the creative juices were fading. People were moving towards other projects, or they were spending time working or with friends and families –all of which are understandable. In order to succeed and prove this concept further, we needed a full-time administrator. The funds from the Patreon, while gracious, were not enough to pay a salary, and we didn’t have the resources from our creators to keep the momentum growing.

While the experiment is over, the shows will live on. All shows are working on finding new homes and there should be announcements soon. I recommend keeping an eye on the 25th Frame Facebook page or the Criterion Now group. We will share where you can find the other shows.

This website will be shut down by the end of the month, as will the hosting feed. The shows should be moved by then.

Thanks for taking this ride with you. More to come.

Introducing Criterion Channel Surfing

Some of you probably already noticed, but I’m thrilled to formally announce the launch of Criterion Channel Surfing on The 25th Frame Media network.

Many regular listeners of various shows know Josh Hornbeck. He’s been a fixture within the network and one of our favorite guests, but he did not have a show to call his own. He’s been working on this project for quite some time, and we are better off for it.

Just this week he released his first episode, which is one of the strongest debut podcast episodes I’ve ever heard. He has a natural voice for podcasting, did a fantastic job with formatting and segmenting the show, and made it a thoroughly enjoyable listen. He included familiar voices in his first episode, including Michael Hutchins, Jonathan Laubinger from Film Baby Film, and Matt Gasteier from The Complete Podcast. The show is now on iTunes and can be subscribed to here or you can check it out on the master 25th Frame feed. It will be added to other podcast players over time, so please check back to the Show page for updated subscription links.

With the addition of Josh’s new show, we have a heavy dose of Criterion Collection podcasts. With the other shows and Just the Discs, we feel that we adequately cover physical and streaming media. We also plan some bonus episodes in the near future to talk about some of the other streaming providers.

We are currently working to add new shows that are centered on different aspects of film. We hope to have both of them online by the end of the year.

Please check out the new show. Please rate and review it on iTunes if you can, and feel free to provide feedback on our social media pages.

Thanks for listening!

Podcast Milestones

As podcasters, we love our special round number episodes. It really is baffling because I’ve probably been on somewhere between 200-300 shows, perhaps even more, but having the numbers line up on your primary feed is an achievement and it calls for something special.

We had two such milestones reached over the past weekend, and our hosts unquestionably made the episodes special.

One of our flagship shows, The Magic Lantern Podcast went a little above and beyond. They started by asking their community to choose the film, which ended up being one of my personal favorites — Paris, TX. Additionally, they took listener questions and recorded a second part of their 100th episode. And then they dropped the mic and decided to leave the country. Enjoy the other hemisphere, Cole and Ericca.

Jamie and Doug also reached 100 and covered one of the worst best movies of the 1980s, Mac and Me. It is essentially an E.T. ripoff and a full-length McDonalds commercial all in one. Have I mentioned that it’s terrible and that I love it? While they didn’t go to the same extent as Cole and Ericca, they certainly prepared a tentpole title and had a lot of fun with it.

There are a couple of other podcasts that are nearing the same milestone. Just the Discs is currently at episode 98, and I happen to know that episode 100 is recorded and in the can, ready to be released soon. And I look forward to listening to it.

The next one up is Criterion Now which is at episode 82. At this rate, we will probably reach episode 100 by the end of the year, perhaps late fall depending on how things go. We will certainly do something special, but as of right now haven’t planned anything. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for listening to the shows! Please support everyone by giving them a rating and review on iTunes.

Announcement: Just the Discs is part of The 25th Frame

We are thrilled to announce another addition to our growing lineup here at 25th Frame Media!

You may know Brian Saur as the co-host of Pure Cinema Podcast, the blogger at Rupert Pupkins Speaks, or formerly as the co-host of Off the Shelf. He has a wide variety of tastes and is one of the most knowledgeable people about film that I’ve met.

We are honored to have his Just the Discs Podcast join our network. For those who don’t know, this show is a (mostly) weekly discussion about home media. The angle is that he talks about a pile of discs, and he focuses not just on the major releases but also smaller, boutique labels. It is nearly impossible to listen to an episode and not come away with a recommendation, whether it is an arthouse masterpiece, a cult classic, or an underappreciated gem.

He covers labels such as Shout/Scream Factory, Twilight Time, Kino, Arrow Video, and so many more. Lately he has been covering new arrivals with Rob Galluzzo from Shockwaves Podcast.

Brian’s show is a labor of love and it shows. As far as how it fits within The 25th Frame, it complements our other home media discussions (such as Criterion Now, Arrow Now), and gives us comprehensive coverage of the physical media. I’m sure Brian will be part of the conversation as we continue to observe the state of Blu-Ray, streaming, exhibition, and how this landscape is changing, but he will remain an advocate for getting a stack of discs.

You can find subscribe links at his show page, and episodes will appear on the master feed.

Introducing Filmshake

I’m pleased to announce that Filmshake is joining the 25th Frame Media Network!

We know Jordan Courtney from social media, and he has consistently led interesting and thought provoking discussions in our community. He also has a connection to the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. The dude is a librarian, and that is a cool job to film nerds like us. As you all know, the library has gradually been establishing itself as a presence for home media — whether it is having DVDs and Blu-Rays to check out, or offering subscription services like Kanopy and Hoopla. We are pleased to have a librarian on the show, and to have a show connected with an actual library.

Jordan manages the ‘Innovation Space’ at his library, a creative lab where patrons can record their own podcasts. He has good audio quality, a voice for podcasting, and I think he will take the show in some intriguing directions.

Filmshake has Jordan along with his co-host and longtime friend, Nicholas Loup, producing a monthly, 30-minute podcast. Their desire is to whet the listener’s appetite for unseen arthouse, classic, and independent cinema.

You can hear their intro episode, and the main feed is on iTunes. They will also be available to listen to on the 25th Frame Master Feed when their first episode drops.

Welcome to the network, Jordan and Nicholas!

Listen to us on Spotify!

This has been an exciting week, but there’s more to come. We are thrilled to have launched Movies Silently, which we already think is the definitive silent film podcast online. We can’t wait to hear what Fritzi comes up with next. Speaking of which, she is already on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. The best way to subscribe is at her Show page and click the Subscribe button for options.

We have also been submitting our shows to Spotify and they are approved.

You can find the shows on the service here:

25th Frame Master Feed

Criterion Close-Up

Criterion Now

The Complete Podcast

We will be adding more shows to the service soon, as well as other services.

We have more news coming soon, with another podcast launching that we’re really excited about. We also have someone new joining us, and it’s somebody that you probably know if you’re a cinephile like us. Stay tuned.

Movies Silently launches!

It feels strange typing that headline about a website and person that I’ve been reading for years. Fritzi Kramer, the charismatic and enthusiastic cinephile behind the Movies Silently blog, has launched a new podcast.

Fritzi has been hard at work for a couple of months working on the Movies Silenty Podcast and has released her first episode with guest Christopher Bird. They talk about tinting, which is the exact sort of uniquely silent film discussion that I’d hope to hear from her podcast. Coincidentally, her first guest just announced the production of a new Queen Documentary entitled The Show Must Go On on the heels of Bohemian Rhapsody picking up some statuettes at this Sunday’s Academy Awards presentation.

The episode is currently live on the website and can be heard on iTunes via the 25th Frame Media Master Feed. The standalone feed has been submitted to iTunes and should be available to subscribe to directly within the next couple of days. From there it should hit the majority of podcast devices and Fritzi can slowly continue her takeover of the film social media world.

How to Support Us

The idea behind The 25th Frame is to gather a group of like-minded, creative individuals to develop content together while being supported by those appreciating the content. This is a hobby or side project for many of us, and a full-time job for one of us.

The amount of energy and creativity behind the scenes has truly been exhilarating, and much of that is being directed towards not only the podcasts, but also the additional rewards we can offer. Frankly, we love talking about cinema and culture and we want to reward the people that support us.

First off, the 25th Frame Master Feed is up at iTunes. Please subscribe, rate, and leave a review. That’s the best way to support us as we get this network off the ground.

The primary way to support us is through Patreon. Aaron launched the Criterion Now Patreon last year to some success, and shared the proceeds with guests and rewards back to the community. That campaign is being transformed for The 25th Frame, and Aaron wrote a post about how that will work. Essentially the shows without Patreons will have their own “Channels” where people can subscribe, or they can subscribe to the entire network at a higher level and get all content.

Perhaps the best benefit of the higher level is what we’re now calling the Avengers Shows thanks to a joke made on Twitter. We did an episode with a group of 10 of us, and they called that an art film podcast version of The Avengers. We’ll continue doing that for Criterion announcement reactions as a big group, and smaller groups for other topics. For example, we gathered a few people to talk about the Oscar nominations. Going forward we’d also like to talk about event films. For instance in 2018, Roma and The Other Side of the Wind releases would be worth talking about. There will be plenty more to cover going forward.

On top of the main Patreon, some of our shows have campaigns of their own. Cole Roulain and Ericca Long do a fantastic job of balancing new content with bonus episodes. You can find their Patreon campaign here.

Doug and Jamie maintain their own Patreon account for Good Times, Great Movies. They will also share bonus clips on the 25th Frame website, like they did with Under the Cherry Moon this week.

Last but certainly not least, Fritzi Kramer has her own Patreon which preceded her podcast and supported her blog. As she launches her podcast, she’ll release early episodes to her followers and they’ll appear on the feed roughly a week later. She will be launching her podcast soon and regularly talks about it there.

Supporting The 25th Frame will lead to support for all other creators whether it is paying for their hosting bills or equipment, but we encourage you to support all of us. Even a small pledge to each show can go a long way.

Podcast Feeds and Social Media

As I write this, we’re about to publish the first Criterion Now episode on the new server.

In the meantime there are a few places to listen to us. You can find individual subscribe links at our Shows page.

You can also subscribe to the 25th Frame Master Feed. It is in the process of being reviewed by iTunes, and we expect it to be found there soon. If you’d rather not wait, just copy this link and manually add that to your preferred podcast player. For example in the Apple Podcasts app, you would go to the Library section, click on Edit, and then click on Add a Podcast by URL. Paste that link in and you’ll get all of the shows from the network including back episodes.

The formatting and title descriptions may not be as clear on the feed for the back episodes, but they will be sorted soon. New episodes will also appear on the feed as they are published. It is worth noting that this master feed is only for Podcasts. Videos such as the ones that we’ve been adding from Daisuke Beppu are only available on the website or at his YouTube channel.

We also have a larger social media presence. If you haven’t yet, please stop over to our Facebook page and “like” it. We can also be followed on Twitter. All posts from the website, whether they are news articles like this one, episodes, videos, etc. will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

We will be adding more social media outlets soon and submitting our shows to other podcast players including Spotify. Keep posted.

New Beginnings

As I write this, I am about to record the first episode of Criterion Now of the year. It is fitting that my guests will be Cole Roulain and Matt Gasteier because they’ve been part of the development of this network. Cole and I are partners in this venture, and Matt has been a creative consultant. They also happen to be tremendous podcasters with a wealth of film knowledge. It is the perfect lineup to begin a network and another year with this podcast.

We’ll get a chance to talk a little bit about the ideas behind The 25th Frame Network, and also get into the latest Criterion news including the New Year’s drawing, the April 2019 Criterion releases, and several other topics.

Even though we have moved the show to this network, from the listener standpoint not much will change. It will appear as an unedited episode on the Patreon. It will appear on the Criterion Now feed within a few days or at most a week.

What people won’t notice is that the feed will have changed servers. The other shows will also be added to our servers one by one. As this happens, there will be a master feed and the Most Recent page will be updated with each new episode.

We are extremely excited to announce that Mark Hurne and I will be re-launching Criterion Close-Up. The show has long been dormant for too long, mostly because we both had other projects going on, and Mark was a regular participant at Criterion Now. The new version will continue the spirit of the old show. It gives us room to stretch our legs and discuss a film or topic in more detail, plus we’ll also have an opportunity to bring in more guests. We expect a new episode each month, and these will appear between Criterion Now episodes.

Criterion Close-Up will be integrated with the Criterion Now Patreon, so early episodes of both shows will arrive in the $3 range. There will be more Patreon changes as the channel will soon be re-branded and we will be incorporating other network shows. More details on that will be forthcoming.

Fritzi Kramer’s MoviesSilently is going to be launching soon, as she has already recorded her first episode and posted a preview on her own Patreon. She will be posting early access episodes to her Patreon and episodes will appear on our feed about a week later. I’m looking forward to listening to her get into the technical details about silent film, and this initial episode will talk about how silent film could kill you. Yes, really.

I wanted to leave you with our good friend, Daisuke Beppu, and his introduction to the network.

In this Channel Update, he talks about his involvement with the network and discusses all of the shows in detail including sharing his favorite episodes. Daisuke is a great friend to all of us, so it is a thrill to have him. As he notes, he is the only YouTube participant as of now, but there very likely will be more. Even though this network has been built predominantly by podcasters, we want to encompass all forms of media. There is some terrific content on YouTube, and Daisuke stands out from the pack.