Movies Silently Podcast Episode 03: Making Beautiful Music with David L. Gill

The third episode of the Movies Silently podcast with host Fritzi Kramer and special guest David L. Gill. The subject: silent film music, the good and the bad.

A huge thanks to Orlando and Alex for helping my pronounce Chilean Spanish and Egyptian Arabic!

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Show Notes

Well, since the last podcast episode, I have had to replace my computer, deal with two earthquakes and assorted ailments but we did this thing, darn it!
Here are some of the things that came up in conversation:

Movies Silently Podcast Episode 02: Flipping for Fairbanks with Kelley Smoot

The second episode of the Movies Silently podcast with host Fritzi Kramer and special guest Kelley Smoot, who has spearheaded the republication of The Fourth Musketeer by Letitia Fairbanks.

A huge thanks to Eduardo and Julie for their help with the pronunciation of Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch!

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Show Notes

Book tour dates for Kelley and The Fourth Musketeer can be found here.

You can order The Fourth Musketeer from most major retailers. (BN link)

Letitia Fairbanks’ fantasy picture book (inspired by the work of Douglas and her father, as well as her own Hollywood experiences) Princess April Morning-Glory can be found here.

Flicker Alley’s excellent Douglas Fairbanks set, which includes When the Clouds Roll By, Flirting with Fate and The Mark of Zorro.

My review of The Mark of Zorro covers Fairbanks’ contributions.

The original Zorro story, The Curse of Capistrano.

Kino’s release of The Good Bad Man.

The Thief of Bagdad (1924)

Stella Maris (1918)

The 1925 Ben-Hur is included on this DVD.

Read the first four Boston Blackie short stories here:;view=1up;seq=19;view=1up;seq=141;view=1up;seq=231;view=1up;seq=307

You can watch The Bargain (1914) for free here, courtesy of the wonderful Library of Congress.


Movies Silently Podcast Episode 01: Death and Tinting with Christopher Bird

The first episode of the Movies Silently Podcast with host Fritzi Kramer and special guest Christopher Bird.

Special thanks to William Remmers for Jazz Vampire, Evgeniy for helping with Russian pronunciation and Felicitas for helping with German. Be sure to get in touch if you are interested in offering pronunciation help as well!

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Post-interview, Chris did some checking and there were TWO nitrate fires at the venue. Also, he asked around and there are indeed new chemically tinted prints still being made right now, which is incredibly exciting. Finally, the Queen documentary Chris is co-directing was officially announced yesterday, so we can share a few more details. It’s called The Show Must Go On and American viewers can catch it on ABC in April.


I tried to keep this in the order that they came up in the podcast.

Our Film Picks:

Michael Strogoff (1926)

The Lucky Devil (1925)

Warning Shadows (1923)

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The Czar’s Ball in Michael Strogoff: