Magnificent Obsession

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Monica Salazar

Alicia invites Monica Salazar over to her house to talk about editing “Honey Boy,” the importance of mentors, whether you can truly “fix it in post” and the joy she finds in the editing process. Thank you to Monica and all my guests in Season One!

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Natasha Braier

Alicia chats with cinematographer Natasha Braier about the unique way she shot “Honey Boy,” how the crew protected Shia LaBeouf during the emotional production, what her reaction was to negative press about “The Neon Demon,” and her journey from Argentina to Hollywood.

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Lauren Oppelt

Alicia sits down with costume designer Lauren Oppelt to find out how she created the unique look seen in the indie “Greener Grass”, how many costumes she can fit into her hatchback and why you shouldn’t call costume designers “wardrobe.”

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas

Alicia goes onto a studio lot to talk to producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas about her film “Hustlers,” why it was a hard sell, the perils of social media, her work with Jennifer Lopez and why its important to never give up.

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Lori Balton

Alicia sits down with location scout Lori Balton, to hear all about her impressive career, what qualities you need to work in the location department on films and what working on ‘Heat’ with Michael Mann taught her.

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Stephen Bettles

Alicia talks to prosthetic and special effects makeup artist Stephen Bettles, about what his job entails, why Brad Pitt is the best, how he calms actors during long sessions in his chair and CGI vs practical makeup…

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Jennifer Kent

Alicia goes to an office to chat to Aussie film director Jennifer Kent. She is back after her successful horror “The Babadook” with the thriller “The Nightingale”… a revenge tale that shows the brutality of Australia’s dark colonial past. She and Alicia talk about the importance of that, and how she ended up working Lars Von Trier after sending him a letter.

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Lawrence Sher

Alicia chats to her friend, cinematographer Larry Sher, under a flight path in LA. They talk about how he decided to become a director of photography, what his job entails, working with Todd Phillips and what audiences can expect from The Joker…

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Amirose Eisenbach

Alicia visits the home of her friend Amirose Eisenbach (and her cute puppy Kuma) to talk about taking big leaps to chase your dreams, the passion required to work in indie film and how she survived the ups and downs of making her first movie.

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Bob Murawski

Alicia talks to Oscar-winning film editor Bob Murawski about his early love of horror movies, working with Sam Raimi, finishing Orson Welles’s final film and preserving cult movies. For more about Bob’s company Grindhouse Releasing and upcoming film releases, visit: