Just the Discs

Just the Discs – Episode 22: FREEBIE NIGHT MOVES from Warner Archive

On this episode, Rob Hunter (Film School Rejects) returns to discuss the excellent duo of FREEBIE AND THE BEAN and NIGHT MOVES, which have recently come to Blu-ray via Warner Archive.

Just the Discs – Episode 21: Kino Dramas

On this episode, Brian discusses a quintet of Kino Lobber Studio Classics Blu-rays – all of them basically dramas. Touched on here are: THEY SHOOT HORSES DON’T THEY, LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER, BARTON FINK, PRIZZI’S HONOR and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Just the Discs – Bonus Episode – SID & NANCY on Criterion Blu-ray

On this Bonus episode, Brian discusses the Alex Cox cult favorite SID & NANCY as well as the real life people that inspired it and the new Criterion Collection Blu-ray.

Just the Discs – Episode 20: More from Indicator

On this episode, Brian returns to the Indicator Series label to talk about four of their recent Blu-rays: THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T, MICKEY ONE, CASTLE KEEP and THE STONE KILLER.

Just the Discs – Bonus Episode – AGFA – With Guest Rob Hunter (of Film School Rejects)

On this bonus episode, Brian is joined by Film Critic Rob Hunter (of Film School Rejects and others) to discuss the first to Blu-ray releases from AGFA (the American Genre Film Archive): THE ZODIAC KILLER and EFFECTS.

Just the Discs – Episode 17: A Mixed Pile

On this episode, Brian focuses on a pile of discs from several labels including Kino Lorber, Warner Archive, Olive Films, Twilight Time and Vinegar Syndrome.

Just the Discs – Episode 16: A WAC Sixer

On this episode, Brian runs through a group of six Warner Archive Blu-rays – including ┬áBLOOD ALLEY, THE SEA CHASE, THE ROUNDERS, SPENCER’S MOUNTAIN, THE WHEELER DEALERS and THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST.