Daisuke Beppu

Daisuke Beppu – Godzilla Showa Era Videos

Greetings from Tokyo,

Daisuke has completed his comprehensive review of the Godzilla boxset. Feel free to watch the videos here or check out his YouTube channel.

Daisuke Beppu – A Discussion on OUT1 – part one

Daisuke begins a journey through Rivette’s epic, OUT1.

Daisuke Beppu: Reaction to the Criterion Collection August 2019 Announcements

Daisuke reacts to yesterday’s announcements for August 2019.

Daisuke Beppu – Akira Kurosawa and the Criterion Collection

Daisuke completes yet another amazing series. This time he goes through the library of the master, Akira Kurosawa, and the Criterion releases. This includes the DVD and Blu-Ray versions.

Daisuke Beppu: Reactions to the Criterion Collection Announcement for the July 2019 Releases

Daisuke Beppu – Sid & Nancy: Comments on the Criterion Collection

Daisuke talks about the Criterion Collection edition of Alex Cox’s Sid & Nancy, spine number 20.

Daisuke Beppu – Comments on The Room

Daisuke seriously breaks down an interesting film (to say the least) — THE ROOM. Oh hai, Mark!

Daisuke Beppu – Reaction to the Criterion Collection Announcement for June 2019 Releases

Daisuke reacts to the June 2019 announcement slate —

A Film Trilogy by Ingmar Bergman
Swing Time
La vie de Jésus
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
War and Peace

Daisuke Beppu – 10 Films that are Moving to Me

Another short series from Daisuke about the movies that get to him on an emotional level.

Daisuke Beppu – Criterion’s Bergman Box (13/13)

Daisuke concludes his epic series on Bergman with final rankings of the films and a conclusion.