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Criterion Completion: Hour 9

I really enjoy doing this podcast. Not so much that I need to work on it every day, but it is a personal joy to come back to this every few weeks and put down some more thoughts on our modern wax cylinders about why the Criterion Collection means so much to me and to others. Every episode has been a joy, but I have to say that this ninth hour seems particularly special to me due to the topics and wonderful conversation.

This hour allows me to share some general details about my recent trip to The Criterion Collection offices in Manhattan. Don’t get excited, there are no spoilers or scoops here, just a few minutes of me going on and on about how it was such a pleasure to visit the place and to spend a short amount of time letting Jonathan Turell know how much their output means to me (and to so many of you and others).

I hate to sound like a party pooper or a broken record, but I must mention here what I mention in the piece:

The Criterion Collection offices are not open to the public and it must be stressed that you shouldn’t just show up expecting to be given the red carpet treatment or to be able to really speak with anyone other than the receptionist. These are busy people with jobs to do and they don’t want you to be disappointed. My visit was a long time coming and was developed through a classic “friend of a friend” situation. Even with that, I was in and out pretty quickly so that I wouldn’t waste too much of anyone’s busy day at work.

From there please listen along and enjoy a super conversation with filmmaker Michael Worth. Michael is an accomplished actor who has taken his love of film in general and the CC in particular and carved out a nice niche in the indie market as not only an actor, but also as a director/writer/producer of features. Michael graciously reached out to me to offer his thoughts on being in the business and how a love of Criterion and collecting informs his work. It was a true pleasure to speak with Michael recently, and a lot of the conversation didn’t even make it to this hour. You can look for much more of our conversation in an upcoming “Deleted Scenes” episode of this program.

Michael Worth

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m very pleased to offer this hour to you! Come along as we get uncomfortable listening to another creepy song about collectors, take a creepy boat ride as we enter the hallowed halls of Criterion, segue through another creepy song about being complete and then a full hour of decidedly non-creepy conversation with our considered guest.

  • No time to gab, let’s get on with the “hour.”
  • keeproductions presents A Visit to Criterion | 4m 40s
  • A conversation with Michael Worth | 16m 00s

Michael Worth

Grizzly Peak Films

Michael @ IMDB



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Criterion Completion: Hour 8

For those of you that follow this site regularly (who are you?), you will notice that this episode has been a long time coming. If you’re finding this right after listening to Hour 7, then you have noticed a thing! Either way, I’m hopeful that you will find this hour quite interesting whether you waited 8 months or 8 hours to hear it.

Hour 8 of The Podcast takes us down way below Rio to find out what people in Buenos Aires know of the Criterion Collection. Delfina Krusemann is a features reporter for the La Nacion in Argentina. I was lucky enough to be a part of an article she wrote in February of 2017 on the history of Criterion and it’s then new foray with TCM and FilmStruck into their streaming partnership. Ms. Krusemann and I exchanged a few emails, but unfortunately not much of my info made it into the article. Nonetheless, I was a pleasure to partake of this opportunity along with Aaron West and his great story as well.

After our South American foray, we’ll head to the Boston area to speak with Matthew Gasteier. Matthew is a strong presence in the Criterion social media world, and I find him to be one of the most fascinating people to speak with on this and many other topics. Matt is the author of two pop culture books on Nas and penguins (every time I type those words together, I laugh). He is a Criterion fan going back many years, and while not a physical media completionist, he has probably seen more Criterion titles than any of us here and reading this. I trimmed our conversation to less than an hour, but I’d be happy to spend a weekend talking shop, music, and movies with this man.

Overall, some great information and conversation this time around. Plus another song about collecting that doesn’t make us out to be too weird, Dick Van Dyke making a better dancing penguin than a Cockney sweep, and a rousing finale of running bombs for Mr. J.D. Ripper.

  • I’m back but I’ve been busy!
  • keeproductions presents Criterion in La Nacion | 9m 23s
  • A conversation with Matthew Gasteier | 23m 00s

Matthew Gasteier

Fuck You, Penguin

33 1/3 Nas Illmatic



Criterion on the Brain

Criterion Considered

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Criterion Completion: Hour 7

Collecting Criterion is about so much more than the movie. Of course, it all begins and ends with the film itself, but that delicious middle of supplements really makes or breaks the quality of each individual package. Many of us obsess over the quality and quantity of additions to each title like they were a fine wine. The commentary on this package lends it a full-bodied presence that fulfills its potential. The interview with the director leaves a faint aftertaste that is a bit unpleasant. The inclusion of the trailer lends just a bit more flavor that pushes it over the top to perfection.

But sometimes there are additions to a package that very few people know about at all. Generically these are called easter eggs in the business and they can be lurking on any disc that you might have in your possession. You may not know that they are there, and they may sit there for all eternity just waiting for you to stumble across them. But mostly, they are just little arcane nuggets that affect your enjoyment in no tangible way whatsoever. If this is all news to you, please come along this hour as we spend the first of a few episodes digging around for these trinkets. You won’t learn a lot, but you just may be slightly amused!

After we come up for air, we’ll asked Mr. DeMille if he is ready for our close-up and spend a nice time chatting with Aaron West, co-host of the great Criterion Close-Up website and podcast. Aaron and I can be considered old friends in this Criterion Community of ours, as we’ve spoken on many podcasts together as well as breaking bread, drinking libations, and hitting up a traveling Warhol exhibit in Columbia, SC.

Not to mention the usual stew of tangentially- related materials that are squeezed into each and every hour here: The Mad World singers get us ready to head out on our search, Peter Cottontail tries to reclaim his holiday concepts, we listen to a little bit of the beautiful theme to Kiarostami’s “Close-Up,” and we give thanks to the Easter Bunnies at Criterion with a handful of chocolate candies for their efforts.

  • It’s a Mad World where supplements are hiding from us.
  • keeproductions presents Collection Criterion DVD Easter Eggs – Part 1| 8m 07s
  • A conversation with Aaron West | 20m 05s

Aaron West – Criterion Close-Up

Criterion Close-Up Website




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Criterion Completion: Hour 6

Collectors can be a weird bunch. Just ask any of us. Add love of films off the beaten path and you’ve got a concoction that can be hard to understand even by the most supportive in our lives. It doesn’t help that so much media treats collectors of all stripes as dangerous loners just out to get their latest widget for the secret collection behind the trap door in the basement. The sole purpose of this podcast is to try and right those wrong perceptions to those that will listen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t poke fun at ourselves a fair amount as well.

But after we make a little fun, then we are right back to the obsessing of details like formats and restorations and packaging. Yes, packaging. That is where The Completionist turns his jaundiced eye for this latest go-round of CC minutia. You may not agree on each of his opinions, but I am confident you will agree that he has plenty of them!

After this gadfly stew, we’ll move on to an engaging conversation with THE Cinema Gadfly – Arik Devens. Stick around for 45 minutes while we explore his Criterion history and obsessions and how they have affected his life in many wonderful ways.

All of this grooviness along with a collector with too much time and money on his hands, a dip into the prog rock pool with some early Genesis, Shostakovich noodling the ivories for a take on his own Ovod, and the Griffin boys with their only somewhat harsh take on the perils of collecting.

  • Are all collectors really this weird?
  • keeproductions presents Persnickety about Packaging | 7m 49s
  • A conversation with Arik Devens | 23m 38s

Arik Devens – The Cinema Gadfly

Cinema Gadfly Website





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Criterion Completion: Hour 5


Getting to Hour 5 feels like a milestone of some sort. I feel like I’ve been working on it forever, and work commitments and sofa time got a bit more in the way this time around. Despite that, I am pleased to bring it to you only few days later than I had hoped.

Our latest 75-minute hour starts out with an intro that stretches the bounds of relevancy just a bit, but I do think I bring it around to fit by the end of it. At least that is how I am spinning it. It also gives me free-reign to play some music that means a lot to me while tieing it to the topic at hand.

In Hour 5, I spend some more time running the numbers around spines and release schedules. This time around I focus on the 5″ disc days which tend to behave much more nicely than that 12″ shenanigans that were discussed back in Hour 2.

Our Criterion Conversation this time around comes from the other side of the world. John Mathews is the co-host of the Director’s Suite Cast and turned out to be a fantastic guest for our focus on collecting Criterion. Tune in to find out what it is like to be a Completionist on a continent hell bent on not wanting you to succeed! John appears to have come to grips with the roadblocks in the way of his hobbies, but I suspect we all weep for his wallet.

Plus the usual assortment of ear candy including a double dose of tragically hipping and some nostalgic genX nostalgia. Not to mention the return of the Condiment Completionists.

  • Are Criterion Completionists Tragically Hip?
  • keeproductions presents Crunching the Numbers – Part One | 12m 47s
  • A conversation with John Mathews | 23m 38s

The Director’s Suite Cast co-hosted by  John Mathews

The Director’s Suite Website

14408398_10207084331853377_1383923338_o 14375435_10207084333373415_1682234430_o 14438777_10207084333933429_1859472112_o 14408143_10207084334453442_738247234_o

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Criterion Completion: Hour 4



Hour 4 is on the wire and ready for your consumption.

Technically a little late this time around, but I beg your pardon as I never promised you a rose garden.

As this hour starts we check in a with a collector who seems to have priorities different than most of us. I discuss more of my personal history with collecting Criterion including an embarrassing (for me) email conversation with Mr. Jon Mulvaney. Plus a bit more on my current obsession with Criterion laser titles and where this all ends (if it ever does).

Our conversation this hour is with two lifelong chums with a history of collaboration that has taken on a life of its own as they’ve become Lost in Criterion. Adam Glass and Pat Dorgan help me understand what it is like for two people to dive headfirst into the collection with few preconceived notions on where it would take them and what sort of visionquest it has been so far.

All of that, plus the usual assortment of noise, a gag-inducing trek back to Suncoast, a very few words from Karl Childers, and an awkward attempt to slap a relevant theme song on the interview (albeit one of the most insanely-catchy ones of all time).

Bonus Revelation: We ain’t all OCD-afflicted!
Bonus Laugh: Listen as Yours Truly goes on and on about a certain title and spine number and gets it wrong!

  • Time to collect Hour 4
  • keeproductions presents Complete Again … for a week | 7m 17s
  • A conversation with Adam and Pat | 19m 55s

Lost in Criterion with Adam Glass and Pat Dorgan

With Two Brains Website


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Criterion Completion: Hour 3



And after Hour 2, here comes Hour 3!

This turned out to be a pretty special episode. Join me as I do a bit of Internet Over-Sharing and give you some personal insight into what collecting and Criterion have meant to me over a 21st century that started out in a fair amount of turmoil and has come today to be a wonderful life filled with love and Criterion! After that, a wonderful conversation with Doug McCambridge that still has me smiling.  I’m still amazed that we didn’t plan our topics ahead of time.

In between, some close-to-home clips from High Fidelity, a slew of screaming from Belial Bradley, and a warning from Wang Chung about staying in the 80s.

  • Hour 3 is here!
  • keeproductions presents Criterion Comfort| 6m 24s
  • A conversation with Doug McCambridge | 19m 05s

Doug McCambridge


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Criterion Completion: Hour 2



We’re on a roll, folks. The Criterion Completion Hour 2 is on the air.

Join me for another hour of more Completioning. Come listen as I take you down the rabbit hole of spine numbering in the lawless days of the Criterion laser disc. Then stick around for a great primer on all things to know where David Blakeslee and the Criterion Collection intersect. We could have talked for hours, somehow we kept it under one.

In between we’ll hear a snippet or three from Big Audio Dynamite, Oliver Stone, Sadhguru, Sam Lowry, and a few other surprises.

  • Welcome, welcome, welcome to Hour 2, 2, 2!
  • keeproductions presents Spinal Destination | 7m 21s
  • A conversation with David Blakeslee | 18m 47s

David Blakeslee

Criterion Reflections at CriterionCast

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Criterion Completion: Hour 1


Thank your for joining me for the inaugural Criterion Completion Hour!

Click and listen as I explain what this is all about and what you can and cannot expect to hear on this monthly missive. I’ll explain what it means to be a Criterion Completionist and how you can define the terms yourself to be compliant with whatever definition works best for you.

Then a fun conversation with Ryan Gallagher of as he and I explore the history of his great site and podcasting history since 2009.

All this plus a little Leonard Maltin, Mary Hart, Charlotte Gainsbourg , Terence Stamp, and Samantha Eggar to fill out the 64 minutes of our first hour!

  • Welcome, welcome, welcome!
  • The ins and outs of Criterion Completioning | 7m 50s
  • A conversation with Ryan Gallagher | 17m 20s

Ryan Gallagher


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