25th Frame Features

25th Frame Feature – Alicia Malone and Jill Blake

Alicia Malone and Jill Blake join to talk a little about film, but also announce that they are both joining the 25th Frame Network. Alicia already has a “magnificent” show and Jill will be developing one soon. Please give them a warm welcome to the network!

25th Frame Features – Our Choices for Oscar 2019

Josh Hornbeck, Mark Hurne and Michael Hutchins join Aaron West to give our choices for winners within the Oscar categories. These are not predictions and aside from a couple occasions, we do not get into snubs. We just pick our favorites from the categories as they were nominated.

The 25th Frame – Features

This is a new podcast feed for The 25th Frame members to use as a way of discussing current topics that are not necessarily related to a specific show topic. The attached episode is a brief intro.