Aaron West

Podcast Milestones

As podcasters, we love our special round number episodes. It really is baffling because I’ve probably been on somewhere between 200-300 shows, perhaps even more, but having the numbers line up on your primary feed is an achievement and it calls for something special.

We had two such milestones reached over the past weekend, and our hosts unquestionably made the episodes special.

One of our flagship shows, The Magic Lantern Podcast went a little above and beyond. They started by asking their community to choose the film, which ended up being one of my personal favorites — Paris, TX. Additionally, they took listener questions and recorded a second part of their 100th episode. And then they dropped the mic and decided to leave the country. Enjoy the other hemisphere, Cole and Ericca.

Jamie and Doug also reached 100 and covered one of the worst best movies of the 1980s, Mac and Me. It is essentially an E.T. ripoff and a full-length McDonalds commercial all in one. Have I mentioned that it’s terrible and that I love it? While they didn’t go to the same extent as Cole and Ericca, they certainly prepared a tentpole title and had a lot of fun with it.

There are a couple of other podcasts that are nearing the same milestone. Just the Discs is currently at episode 98, and I happen to know that episode 100 is recorded and in the can, ready to be released soon. And I look forward to listening to it.

The next one up is Criterion Now which is at episode 82. At this rate, we will probably reach episode 100 by the end of the year, perhaps late fall depending on how things go. We will certainly do something special, but as of right now haven’t planned anything. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for listening to the shows! Please support everyone by giving them a rating and review on iTunes.

Arrow Now – Episode 4 – Best of 2018

Aaron is joined by Dave Eves and Tim Leggoe. We enjoyed a belated year in review for Arrow Now’s 2018 release slate. We each narrowed down our top 5 from all of Arrow’s catalog including Arrow Video, Arrow Academy, Region A or Region B. We also talk about the recent releases, the upcoming announcements for the next few months, and the titles that have been confirmed or teased in the future.

Episode Links

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Nina McNeely

Alicia chats with choreographer Nina McNeely, who worked with Gaspar Noé for ‘Climax’. Nina reveals the challenges in creating a one take sequence featuring dancers with very different styles and how she became a choreographer.

Criterion Now 82 – June 2019 Announcements, Claire Denis, Documentary Now

Aaron is joined by Brad McDermott and Matt Gasteier. They start with the June 2019 Criterion releases, talk about their flash sale experiences (or lack thereof), discuss the visits to Criterion, the Claire Denis and Mike Leigh screenings, the potential of Buster Keaton, Wong Kar-wai, Abbas Kiarostami, and others to come out. They also talk about Documentary Now! episodes and how the Company episode is not potentially going to be connected to an upcoming Criterion release.

Episode Links

Criterion Now Facebook – June Prediction Poll
Richard E. Grant Closet Visit
Chaz Ebert’s Oral History of the Documentary Now Company Episode

25th Frame Feature – Alicia Malone and Jill Blake

Alicia Malone and Jill Blake join to talk a little about film, but also announce that they are both joining the 25th Frame Network. Alicia already has a “magnificent” show and Jill will be developing one soon. Please give them a warm welcome to the network!

Daisuke Beppu – Reaction to the Criterion Collection Announcement for June 2019 Releases

Daisuke reacts to the June 2019 announcement slate —

A Film Trilogy by Ingmar Bergman
Swing Time
La vie de Jésus
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
War and Peace

Magnificent Obsession: Amanda Idoko

Alicia meets a talented screenwriter we’re all going to know very soon! Amanda Idoko has four projects in production, and was also the creator of the #ShowUsYourRoom hashtag on twitter to make a point about diversity in writers rooms. As you’ll hear, Amanda is a delightful and fun woman with a big future, and great advice for aspiring writers.

Magnificent Obsession: Sebastian Lelio

Alicia travels with her mics to talk with director Sebastian Lelio, about remaking his own film after six years and how he decided to make films in a country under a regime which had no industry.

Announcement: Just the Discs is part of The 25th Frame

We are thrilled to announce another addition to our growing lineup here at 25th Frame Media!

You may know Brian Saur as the co-host of Pure Cinema Podcast, the blogger at Rupert Pupkins Speaks, or formerly as the co-host of Off the Shelf. He has a wide variety of tastes and is one of the most knowledgeable people about film that I’ve met.

We are honored to have his Just the Discs Podcast join our network. For those who don’t know, this show is a (mostly) weekly discussion about home media. The angle is that he talks about a pile of discs, and he focuses not just on the major releases but also smaller, boutique labels. It is nearly impossible to listen to an episode and not come away with a recommendation, whether it is an arthouse masterpiece, a cult classic, or an underappreciated gem.

He covers labels such as Shout/Scream Factory, Twilight Time, Kino, Arrow Video, and so many more. Lately he has been covering new arrivals with Rob Galluzzo from Shockwaves Podcast.

Brian’s show is a labor of love and it shows. As far as how it fits within The 25th Frame, it complements our other home media discussions (such as Criterion Now, Arrow Now), and gives us comprehensive coverage of the physical media. I’m sure Brian will be part of the conversation as we continue to observe the state of Blu-Ray, streaming, exhibition, and how this landscape is changing, but he will remain an advocate for getting a stack of discs.

You can find subscribe links at his show page, and episodes will appear on the master feed.

Criterion Now 81 – Oscars 2019, Stanley Donen, Film Festival Season

Doug McCambridge and Josh Hornbeck are back and they talk about the Oscars, Flash Sales, the March Criterion slate, the new My Collection feature on the Criterion website, upcoming film festivals, give tributes to Stanley Donen and Katherine Helmond, and discuss a lot more.