Aaron West

Criterion Now 94: November 2019 Announcements, Teal Ray, Olympic Films

Jill Blake and Matt Gasteier join as we get to announcements beyond spine 1000 and found many surprises in the Fall lineup with a stellar Bette Davis duo and more. We also take on the idea of “Teal Ray” which is a phrase we’ve coined based on the continual complaints about teal hues in new transfers. Jill especially has some strong words about that subject. We also talk about Olympic films, gateways into foreign auteurs, Koker Trilogy, and more.

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Criterion Now 93: Best of the Year So Far

Robert Taylor joins to cover the first half of the year, up through the June Criterion releases. We discuss our favorite films, upgrades, covers, discoveries, wishlists come true, and the best month of releases. Along the way Robert also talks about a fun Jon Mulvaney story, and we cover a number of news items along the way including a tribute to D.A. Pennebaker.

Episode Links

The Robert Taylor Odyssey – Hedwig and the Angry Inch
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Studio Visits: Danielle Mation

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Stephen Bettles

Alicia talks to prosthetic and special effects makeup artist Stephen Bettles, about what his job entails, why Brad Pitt is the best, how he calms actors during long sessions in his chair and CGI vs practical makeup…

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Jennifer Kent

Alicia goes to an office to chat to Aussie film director Jennifer Kent. She is back after her successful horror “The Babadook” with the thriller “The Nightingale”… a revenge tale that shows the brutality of Australia’s dark colonial past. She and Alicia talk about the importance of that, and how she ended up working Lars Von Trier after sending him a letter.

Criterion Now 92: Godzilla, The Next Big Box, Venice Classics

David Blakeslee and Keith Enright join to go over the official spine 1000 announcement. Keith eats a little bit of crow after boldly and incorrectly predicting a massive Welles set on a previous episode, but we are all appreciative of the release. We also briefly discuss the rest of the October 2019 slate, speculate what could be the next big box set, talk about Venice Classics, and there’s a Scorsese and California theme that permeates the episode.

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Criterion Now 91: October 2019 Announcements, Lee Kline, Fellini

Dave Eves and Mark Hurne join Aaron to talk through the October 2019 Announcements. Please note that the was recorded prior to the Godzilla reveal, but as you’ll hear, we had an idea. We also dig into the Lee Kline podcast that was recorded for Home Theater Forum and talk about some of the titles that were mentioned, the potential for UHD and also the 2020 year of Fellini. We also talk Kalatazov, Herzog, Losey, Pagnol, Wyler, and even Fleabag.

Episode Links

Bill Plympton coming to Shout Factory
Lee Kline Video about Teal and Cyan
Home Theater Forum Podcast – Visiting Criterion Collection
Monsieur Klein Restoration

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Lawrence Sher

Alicia chats to her friend, cinematographer Larry Sher, under a flight path in LA. They talk about how he decided to become a director of photography, what his job entails, working with Todd Phillips and what audiences can expect from The Joker…

Criterion Now 90: Lost Highway, War and Peace, Betty Blue

Daisuke Beppu joins Aaron to discuss the collection. We spend some time speculating on the hopefully soon to be announced spine 1000. We also talk about shelving with Daisuke asking some good questions. We get into the David Lynch and Kino discussion, discuss the Paul Dano closet video, some of the restorations and related blu-ray releases. We get into the Il Cinema Ritrovato DVD Awards, and so much more.

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Paul Dano’s Closet Picks
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Criterion Now 89: September 2019 Announcements, Spine 1000, Barnes & Noble

Brad McDermott, Dave Eves and Michael Hutchins join for what was supposed to be a live episode that would record before Aaron left town. Due to technical difficulties (Aaron’s internet went out), the episode had to be patched together and released late. We talk about the September 2019 announcements, discuss potential other Spine 1000 ideas. We spend a lot of time on news items such as comparing the Dietrich and Sternberg set from Indictor, and the potential upcoming release of Holiday. We also talk about some streaming media news including yet another new subscription service and we go into the July lineup of the Criterion Channel.

Episode Links

Douglas MacLean Kickstarter from Ben Model
Indicator Announces Dietrich / Sternberg Set
Paste Magazine – Holiday Restoration
BFI Announces Streaming Service
One Pricing Tier for Warner Media Streaming Service

25th Frame Feature: David Lynch vs Kino

In this episode, Aaron, Josh, Michael and Will discuss the escalation that took place regarding the Kino release of David Lynch’s Lost Highway. We talk about the tweet heard around the home media world, the response, the methods of David Lynch and how he works, and ultimately how the disc looks. Will even does a live demo of the disc. Will you buy it? Let us know.