Aaron West

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Lauren Oppelt

Alicia sits down with costume designer Lauren Oppelt to find out how she created the unique look seen in the indie “Greener Grass”, how many costumes she can fit into her hatchback and why you shouldn’t call costume designers “wardrobe.”

25th Frame: January 2020 Criterion Announcements

We recorded a reaction episode as we digest the Criterion January 2020 slate. This episode has several 25th Frame regulars including Brad McDermott, Josh Hornbeck, Matt Gasteier, Michael Hutchins, and William Remmers. Opinions were surprisingly mixed, but we had an interesting conversation.

Criterion Now 98: Criterion Channel Surfing, Godzilla Preview, Kino

Josh Hornbeck joins to introduce his new show, Criterion Channel Surfing, which should be a great fit on The 25th Frame. We also get into the latest with Criterion, including the trailer for Godzilla and some early expectations. We talk about the newsletter clue that looks to be for Sidney Lumet’s Fail-Safe. We also spend some time talking about Kino’s new streaming service and how that impacts the arthouse streaming scene.

Episode Links

Criterion Collection – Odorama Card Production
Godzilla Trailer/a>
Letterboxd and JustWatch
Kino Releases New VOD Platform

Criterion Now 97: December 2019 Announcements, John Waters, Blue Velvet

Daisuke Beppu and Doug McCambridge join the podcast to talk December 2019 announcements and more. December is usually a lighter month, but there was plenty for us to be happy about. We also talk about the charming John Waters, the potential for the extended cut of The Cotton Club to come, the filmmakers of The Assassination of Jesse James asking to be on Criterion. We also get into Blue Velvet and David Lynch eating quinoa.

Episode Links

Criterion Now Group – December 2019 Predictions
John Waters in the Criterion Closet/a>
The Cotton Club Redux
Roger Deakins asks for Jesse James release

Criterion Now 96: Odorama

Dave Eves joins and we have a little fun with the recent release of Polyester and specifically the Odorama card. This is truly a unique film, and subsequently a unique release for Criterion. We discuss the best way to watch the film, answer questions about the experience, and talk about each of the smells. You could call it a smellebration.

Indicator Now – Episode 1 – Favorite Releases, Business Model, The Big Sale

Matt Schlee and Tim Leggoe join Aaron for the first episode dedicated to Indicator, which follows the Criterion Now format. We discuss the history of the label, how it compares with other labels, how their business model works, the way they handle supplements, and customer service and shipping. We also talk plenty about the films, including the upcoming and recent releases, and we all list three of our favorite releases from the label to this date.

Episode Links

Powerhouse Films
The Indicator / Powerhouse Films Blu Ray Collection Fan Group

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas

Alicia goes onto a studio lot to talk to producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas about her film “Hustlers,” why it was a hard sell, the perils of social media, her work with Jennifer Lopez and why its important to never give up.

Daisuke Beppu – A Discussion on OUT1 – part one

Daisuke begins a journey through Rivetteā€™s epic, OUT1.

Criterion Now 95: Temple Drake, Agnes Varda, RoboCop

Mark Hurne is back! We dig into a number of topics beginning with some of the upcoming Arrow releases that have Criterion crossover, specifically Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and RoboCop. We also talk about the newsletter clue, which is most likely The Story of Temple Drake. We reflect on the July slate now that we’ve had some time to watch them. We also talk about Kim Cattrall, Canadian access to Criterion, Criterion UK, and the potential for an Agnes Varda box set to potentially be released.

Episode Links

Criterion Now Group – Best of July, 2019
Kim Cattrall Criterion Closet Picks
Criterion Charter Card
Interview with Rosalie Varda

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Lori Balton

Alicia sits down with location scout Lori Balton, to hear all about her impressive career, what qualities you need to work in the location department on films and what working on ‘Heat’ with Michael Mann taught her.