Aaron West

The End of the 25th Frame

The 25th Frame is ending at the end of the month. While that may seem like bad news to many of our subscribers and listeners, there are some positives to be found. First off, this was an experiment and we honestly did not know it would work.

When we started this, it was merely an excuse to get all of our friends from this circle of podcasts to collaborate and assist each other. Essentially it was all of our collective shows under one banner and one podcast feed. We also set out to create a community to assist each other. This ranged from helping develop topics, to helping with production tips, or even pooling subscriber donations for equipment. Finally, we promoted each other and it seems that each show grew. It felt like a dream team for niche film podcasts.

As time passed and we became situated, we became attractive to creators. We added a few other shows, although with the strict requirement that they complement our existing library and offer value. We didn’t want to stuff a podcast feed with every show under the sun, and we (politely) rejected roughly three shows for every one we added.

The experiment was an unqualified success. Even towards the end of the year, we had some great ideas and there was potential for further growth. I think that we had a lot of untapped potential. The problem was that this became a labor to a certain degree and less about fun and supporting each other. The friendships exist, but the creative juices were fading. People were moving towards other projects, or they were spending time working or with friends and families –all of which are understandable. In order to succeed and prove this concept further, we needed a full-time administrator. The funds from the Patreon, while gracious, were not enough to pay a salary, and we didn’t have the resources from our creators to keep the momentum growing.

While the experiment is over, the shows will live on. All shows are working on finding new homes and there should be announcements soon. I recommend keeping an eye on the 25th Frame Facebook page or the Criterion Now group. We will share where you can find the other shows.

This website will be shut down by the end of the month, as will the hosting feed. The shows should be moved by then.

Thanks for taking this ride with you. More to come.

Criterion Close-Up 64: Hal Ashby

Mark and Aaron have the pleasure to discuss Hal Ashby with Amy Scott, director of the documentary “Hal” about the filmmaker, which is available on Oscilloscope. We discuss Hal’s aesthetic and the way he could tackle difficult subjects with realism and humanity. Among the films discussed are The Landlord, Coming Home, Bound for Glory, Being There, The Last Detail, Shampoo, and others.

Episode Links

Hal – Official Website
Amy Elizabeth Scott – Personal Website
Other Music – Official Website
Facebook – Hal
Instagram – Hal

Criterion Now 102: February 2020 Announcements, Closet Visits

Cole Roulain and Josh Hornbeck join for a brief, lightly edited episode to discuss how much we adore the February 2020 Announcements. We talk about the significance of people visiting the Criterion closet, what the deal with StudioCanal is, anticipation of Bette Davis, and more.

Episode Links

Deadline – Studiocanal 4K Re-Releases In 2020 To Include ‘Breathless’, ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Basic Instinct’, ‘Total Recall’ & ‘Flash Gordon’

Daisuke Beppu – Godzilla Showa Era Videos

Greetings from Tokyo,

Daisuke has completed his comprehensive review of the Godzilla boxset. Feel free to watch the videos here or check out his YouTube channel.

Criterion Now 101: Wishlists Continued, Martin Scorsese

Mark Hurne and Trevor Berrett join Aaron again to continue where they left off at episode 100. Additionally we get into some news items including Martin Scorsese, John Sayles, and potentially An Unmarried Woman from the newsletter clue. From then on it is more wishlists and enjoyable convo. Keep in mind that this was recorded prior to the February 2020 announcements so a couple of the items are already outdated.

Episode Links

Criterion Now 100: Wishlist Part 1
John Sayles in the Criterion Closet
Peter Labuza Twitter regarding ItalianAmerican coming to Criterion
Vulture – A Guide to Orson Welles Other Unfinished Movies
The Eclipse Viewer 20 with Michael Koresky

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Monica Salazar

Alicia invites Monica Salazar over to her house to talk about editing “Honey Boy,” the importance of mentors, whether you can truly “fix it in post” and the joy she finds in the editing process. Thank you to Monica and all my guests in Season One!

Criterion Now 100: Memory Lane, Wish Lists

Mark Hurne and Trevor Berrett join Aaron to celebrate our 100th episode. In this discussion, we first reminisce about the origins not just of Criterion Now, but of Mark and Aaron’s podcasting exploits including Criterion Close-Up and CriterionCast. We then transition to the big wish list episode, based on polling in the Criterion Now Facebook group. We had compiled a number of titles and box sets that people would love to see on Criterion, whether they are grounded in reality or not. We talk about the merits of the releases and what chances they have of happening.

Episode Links

The Complete – Dekalog 7-8
Criterion Reflections – The Devils

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Natasha Braier

Alicia chats with cinematographer Natasha Braier about the unique way she shot “Honey Boy,” how the crew protected Shia LaBeouf during the emotional production, what her reaction was to negative press about “The Neon Demon,” and her journey from Argentina to Hollywood.

Mark Hurne Talks Vermont International Film Festival

Mark Hurne talks to Aaron West about his experience at VTIFF – The Vermont International Film Festival. They discuss his experiences with some of the big films, but also just talk about the benefits of hitting a small film festival.

Criterion Now 99: Horror Films, January 2020 Announcements

Dave Eves joins again, and this time we take a detour and discuss horror films that are both in and out of the Criterion Collection. With it being October, we both committed to watch horror films throughout the month in order to get in the spirit of Halloween. We discuss a lot of the titles that we saw. We also spend some time discussing Criterion news, including a brief reaction to the Criterion January 2020 announcements, the upcoming Godzilla set, Bamboozled, UHD, and more.

Episode Links

25th Frame – Reaction to January 2019 Criterion Announcements
Introducing Criterion Channel Surfing
Spike Lee – Bamboozled Instagram Post
Digital Bits – 4K UHD List