Introducing Criterion Channel Surfing

Some of you probably already noticed, but I’m thrilled to formally announce the launch of Criterion Channel Surfing on The 25th Frame Media network.

Many regular listeners of various shows know Josh Hornbeck. He’s been a fixture within the network and one of our favorite guests, but he did not have a show to call his own. He’s been working on this project for quite some time, and we are better off for it.

Just this week he released his first episode, which is one of the strongest debut podcast episodes I’ve ever heard. He has a natural voice for podcasting, did a fantastic job with formatting and segmenting the show, and made it a thoroughly enjoyable listen. He included familiar voices in his first episode, including Michael Hutchins, Jonathan Laubinger from Film Baby Film, and Matt Gasteier from The Complete Podcast. The show is now on iTunes and can be subscribed to here or you can check it out on the master 25th Frame feed. It will be added to other podcast players over time, so please check back to the Show page for updated subscription links.

With the addition of Josh’s new show, we have a heavy dose of Criterion Collection podcasts. With the other shows and Just the Discs, we feel that we adequately cover physical and streaming media. We also plan some bonus episodes in the near future to talk about some of the other streaming providers.

We are currently working to add new shows that are centered on different aspects of film. We hope to have both of them online by the end of the year.

Please check out the new show. Please rate and review it on iTunes if you can, and feel free to provide feedback on our social media pages.

Thanks for listening!