Filmshake Bonus Episode – Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)

Jordan and Nic review Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. Spoilers ahead.

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3 comments on Filmshake Bonus Episode – Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)

  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    Dakota Fanning played Squeaky Fromme, who famously went on to attempt to assassinate President Ford. She was free to do so because she wasn’t convicted of any murders, as she was not present for them. Linda Kasabian was, although she insisted she didn’t take part, and here Maya Hawke portrays her fleeing with the car. Maya is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, and I doubt this film was intended as a middle-finger to her mother.

    I don’t think there’s that much of a resemblance between Rick Dalton and Quentin Tarantino. Rick is a fading has-been who was mostly known for playing one role on tv, with his attempt to shift into film mostly a failure. Tarantino is one of the most successful directors of our time, a man who can still obtain large budgets and audiences without any existing IPs. Rick Dalton would not be able to make a movie nearly as indulgent as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

  2. Thanks for the comment, as well as the historical information!
    As far as Thurman, I do not think it is out of the realm of possibility that Tarantino would both give a role to the child of his old friend, as well as throw a little shade at that same friend for dragging him through the press.
    Also, I hope it did not come across that Jordan and I felt that Dalton was a direct facsimile of Tarantino, but we did feel like he likely placed a lot of his own fears and insecurities about aging in Hollywood into that particular character. We didn’t get into this on the show (even in the material we edited out), but if you did want to draw more direct parallels, Dalton finds great success in spaghetti westerns, mirroring Tarantino finding his greatest financial success in his 2012 spaghetti western tribute film (Django), and Dalton meets and eventually marries Daniella Pick while filming in Europe, just like Tarantino met and eventually married Daniella Pick while filming in Europe.

  3. I’d like to make this point for anyone coming to listen through this particular portal, as it appears we have caused some agitation:

    Jordan and I did not create this episode with the intent to take a big dump on Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.
    We picked this movie to see together, with the intent to record this bonus episode afterward, and we went into the film (having enjoyed many previous Tarantino films), hoping that we would enjoy it. It would have been disingenuous and pandering for us to have looked at one another after the film and said, “Hey, since we didn’t like this, let’s just not record the episode…people might get mad.” I don’t want to speak for Jordan, but from my own perspective, I tried to view this film from the lens of someone who would not be familiar with the historical events that transpired (as in reality, I am quite familiar with the events). My own philosophy is that a film should work in a vacuum. Maybe that isn’t fair, but by those merits I think this movie fails.
    I would love to sit and have deep conversations with everyone who is rationally disagreeing with our conclusions in this episode. I guess I should get a Facebook account one day. Anyway, I just wanted to put out there that this episode wasn’t a troll. We just genuinely didn’t like the movie, and since we saw it with the intention of creating an episode dedicated to it, we had to follow through. We tried to at least get across what we did like about the film…there was just a lot more that we disliked.

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