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The Complete Kieślowski 10 – Dekalog 5 & A Short Film About Killing

Matt and Travis welcome Cole Roulain, cohost of The Magic Lantern podcast and cohoncho of The 25th Frame, to discuss the fifth episode of Dekalog and the first to be adapted into a feature-length film. The episode is a significant departure from the family dramas and moral dilemmas of the first four episodes in the series, and we discuss the similarities and differences here while delving into the intense emotional experience of this particular story.

When Kieślowski began preparing to shoot Dekalog, he realized he needed more money than Polish Television had given him to fully realize his vision. The director decided to take the project to the film production board and offered to expand two or three episodes into feature length films they could release in theaters. As part of the deal, he allowed them to pick one of the episodes (they picked six, which we’ll cover on the next episode) while he picked the other: episode five, about a killing and a subsequent state-sponsored killing. Because of this unique structure, we have decided to discuss the two versions of these episodes in sequential order rather than covering episodes 5 and 6 and doing separate feature episodes on the films. We hope you enjoy the discussion, and please keep in mind that the two pieces are different and should both be viewed before listening!