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Podcast for people who love movies… or films, if you’re being pretentious.

Film Baby Film: Episode 32 – Bergman’s Music Films

Film Baby Film is back! This episode brings together Ingmar Bergman super-fans Becky D’Anna and Dave Eves for a Bergman Music episode. We discuss three of the director’s films that have a musical focus, namely TO JOY, THE MAGIC FLUTE, and AUTUMN SONATA. Topics discussed include: why Dave was a total failure as a professional musician, Becky’s love for the sappy side of Bergman, as well as which movie Jon thinks he will rewatch the most. We also discuss an upcoming spin-off podcast, where the three of us talk nothing but Bergman gossip.

Bergman is the patron saint of this podcast, and Becky and Dave are the two best people to discuss him with. If you have half as much fun listening as we did recording… you’ll still have a lot of fun.