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The Complete Kieślowski 8 – Dekalog 1 and 2

Matt and Travis are excited to kick off our first multi-part series on one work: Kieślowski’s legendary Dekalog television miniseries. For the first episode, we welcome Josh Hornbeck, host of the forthcoming Criterion Channel Surfing podcast, to discuss the first two episodes in the series.

Initially intended to be directed by separate up-and-coming directors through Kieślowski’s production studio, the Dekalog was fully filmed by the director after he became attached to the material through writing the scripts. He did employ different cinematographers on nearly every episode, however, and we discuss the strikingly different look of these first two films, along with the complex moral and philosophical questions raised by each. Dekalog was a massive leap for Kieślowski both in terms of artistic expression and international acclaim. These first two episodes start off with an emotionally powerful one-two punch, packed with complex symbolism and incredibly sophisticated interwoven thematic motifs, making this episode a real pleasure to record. We hope you enjoy part 1 of 6 on this towering work of cinema.