Month: June 2019

Criterion Now 89: September 2019 Announcements, Spine 1000, Barnes & Noble

Brad McDermott, Dave Eves and Michael Hutchins join for what was supposed to be a live episode that would record before Aaron left town. Due to technical difficulties (Aaron’s internet went out), the episode had to be patched together and released late. We talk about the September 2019 announcements, discuss potential other Spine 1000 ideas. We spend a lot of time on news items such as comparing the Dietrich and Sternberg set from Indictor, and the potential upcoming release of Holiday. We also talk about some streaming media news including yet another new subscription service and we go into the July lineup of the Criterion Channel.

Episode Links

Douglas MacLean Kickstarter from Ben Model
Indicator Announces Dietrich / Sternberg Set
Paste Magazine – Holiday Restoration
BFI Announces Streaming Service
One Pricing Tier for Warner Media Streaming Service

25th Frame Feature: David Lynch vs Kino

In this episode, Aaron, Josh, Michael and Will discuss the escalation that took place regarding the Kino release of David Lynch’s Lost Highway. We talk about the tweet heard around the home media world, the response, the methods of David Lynch and how he works, and ultimately how the disc looks. Will even does a live demo of the disc. Will you buy it? Let us know.

GTGM Episode 107: Gung Ho (1986)

Sometimes we review movies that feel progressive for the time period and we get lulled into a sense that the 1980s were a time of acceptance and equality. But there are other times that we come across movies that bring the racist reality of the time flooding back. We’ll give you one guess as to what kind of movie this is…


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Just The Discs – Episode 112 – David Lynch on Criterion

On this very special episode of the show, Brian invited his friends and previous guests Stephanie Crawford and Bill Ackerman to discuss anything they like without him – and they chose David Lynch as their topic. The recent Blu-ray release of BLUE VELVET from Criterion inspired a wonderful conversation about how both Stephanie and Bill found their way to the company itself and how they came to be Lynch devotees. They touch on all his films thus far that have been released on Blu-ray by Criterion and it is a delightful chat. Also included is a short interview that Bill did with Criterion producer Susan Arosteguy, who has worked on all the David Lynch releases they’ve done as well as the John Waters discs too. Enjoy!

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Just The Discs – Episode 111 – Animals Attack! (Scream Factory)

Animals Attack on this episode! Brian goes through a short stack of recent releases in the genre from Scream Factory this round and said stack includes MAN’S BEST FRIEND (1993), WILLARD (2003) and PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING (1982).

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The Magic Lantern: Episode 106 – The Second Mother

Caring for children is sacred work, according to writer-director Anna Muylaert and her film The Second Mother (2015). It’s also very undervalued, under-discussed work. Decades ago, Muylaert envisioned a story about this work and the women who do it. At that time, she felt she wasn’t ready to bring the story to life. After becoming a mother and raising her own children, she found the center for the story in the character of Val. Val is a beacon of love and joy, and our hero. Muylaert also worked hard to find the right trajectory for Val’s daughter, Jessica, making her into what you might consider a warrior.

Muylaert wanted to examine the difference in being a parent and raising children, especially when those two tasks are not necessarily done by the same person. Though the characters’ backgrounds are firmly placed within Brazil’s socioeconomic gulf of the urban and the rural, the story has a universal appeal across gender, border, or bank account. Even when the parent is not necessarily the caretaker, Muylaert doesn’t take the easy road or create easy targets. We are encouraged to look at the unique perspectives of our characters: the young woman from a rural area looking to earn money and do the best for her family; the young man who is a product of loving care from a non-parent; the affluent couple who live in a world that relegates childcare to others as an afterthought.

Did you have a second family, or a second caregiver like Val? Were you a person seeking new avenues in a bigger world, like Jessica? Did you have to make difficult choices, like they both did?

What you’ll find in this episode: how Regina Casé is basically the Oprah of Brazil, our trauma of reliving the proposal scene, and more context about Brazil’s rigid class structure.

– Ericca

Links and Recommendations:
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Cole’s further viewing pick of Boudu Saved from Drowning.
In Brazil, a Hostility to Academe

Criterion Now – Episode 88 – Cannes 2019, Prince of Tides, iTunes, Kanopy

Cole and Matt return to discuss the latest goings on with the Criterion Collection. We take a look at the Cannes 2019 lineup, how they were received, and which ones we expect will be remembered later. We talk about the Prince of Tides newsletter clue and the interesting history of it being released on LaserDisc. We also talk about the evolving streaming media landscape with the upcoming end to iTunes, and the headwinds libraries are facing with Kanopy.

Episode Links

25th Frame – Criterion Completion
Cannes 2019 Ratings
Janus Films – Streetwise
HomeTheaterForum Interview Opportunity with Lee Cline
Film Quarterly – Kanopy is not just like Netflix and not free

GTGM Episode 106: Link (1986)

In the latest episode, Doug reveals that while he still doesn’t enjoy apes in film, he feels much more comfortable when they’re wearing clothes, and Jamie becomes frustrated (as all should) with Link’s refusal to respect personal space boundaries. A movie with many questions, relatively no answers and a baffling score. Let’s discuss Link!

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The Complete Kieślowski 8 – Dekalog 1 and 2

Matt and Travis are excited to kick off our first multi-part series on one work: Kieślowski’s legendary Dekalog television miniseries. For the first episode, we welcome Josh Hornbeck, host of the forthcoming Criterion Channel Surfing podcast, to discuss the first two episodes in the series.

Initially intended to be directed by separate up-and-coming directors through Kieślowski’s production studio, the Dekalog was fully filmed by the director after he became attached to the material through writing the scripts. He did employ different cinematographers on nearly every episode, however, and we discuss the strikingly different look of these first two films, along with the complex moral and philosophical questions raised by each. Dekalog was a massive leap for Kieślowski both in terms of artistic expression and international acclaim. These first two episodes start off with an emotionally powerful one-two punch, packed with complex symbolism and incredibly sophisticated interwoven thematic motifs, making this episode a real pleasure to record. We hope you enjoy part 1 of 6 on this towering work of cinema.

Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Amirose Eisenbach

Alicia visits the home of her friend Amirose Eisenbach (and her cute puppy Kuma) to talk about taking big leaps to chase your dreams, the passion required to work in indie film and how she survived the ups and downs of making her first movie.