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The Complete Kieślowski 7 – No End

Matt and Travis welcome Caitlin, the host of Her Head in Films, to discuss Kieślowski’s final film before creating the internationally acclaimed Dekalog series for Television, 1985’s No End. Released in the wake of a two-year period of martial law in Poland that marked the end of the Solidarity breakthroughs of 1980-81, the film was largely panned by the political establishment and resistance in equal measure, though Polish audiences who were able to see the movie (despite marketing sabotage designed to limit its success) responded enthusiastically to its depiction of the national state of affairs.

No End is notably different from Kieślowski’s previous films in a number of apparent ways: this is his first female protagonist, the only movie so far to feature supernatural elements on screen (rather than conceptually supernatural structures as in Blind Chance), and his most mournful and defeated tone. But it is also a departure behind the scenes, as the director began working with his two most significant collaborators here: Krzysztof Piesiewicz, a lawyer he met while filming a never-completed documentary would go on to co-write all of his subsequent films, and Zbigniew Preisner, the composer who would score them all. Their effects on the director’s work are already apparent here, but they would fully blossom in the decade to come.