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The Complete Kieślowski 6 – Blind Chance

Matt and Travis are joined by Martin Kessler of Flixwise and Flixwise Canada to discuss Kieślowski’s shelved 1981 theatrical feature Blind Chance. Like Short Working Day, Blind Chance was never shown publicly before being withheld from circulation, a victim of the crackdown that culminated in martial law at the end of 1981. Only after Kieślowski gained international recognition in 1987 was the film released in the West in censored form. Finally, the censored content was almost entirely restored in home video with the release of the film on blu-ray from the Criterion Collection.

Blind Chance announces its departure from Kieślowski’s previous films in in the first ten minutes, where he plays with time and memories and uses more composed images with evolving perspectives under classical compositions. These are all elements that Kieślowski will return to later in his career, when he fully sheds his documentary background and embraces a controlled metaphysical style. Yet the director is still focused on Polish politics and the landscape of his country and how it impacts the average (young male) citizen. In this episode, we discuss this hinge in his career, along with the high concept of the film and how it informs his chief concerns of the personal vs. the collective and questions of freedom and control/destiny.