Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Leonard and Jessie Maltin

Alicia visits the home of the Maltins, to talk with film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie Maltin… about being in the family business of loving movies, and why they wanted to start their own film festival: Maltin Fest.

One comment on “Magnificent Obsession with Alicia Malone: Leonard and Jessie Maltin

  1. This was a lovely discussion. Ironically, as Leonard talks about visiting the library, I used to check out whatever his newest Movie Guide volume was from the Baton Rouge Library (or 2nd newest, as the newest one couldn’t leave the library) every summer in high school, and keep it for weeks and weeks past the due date. I’d try to think of movies I’d seen, but hadn’t thought to look up yet, fume when he gave one I liked a negative review, but rejoice whenever he loved one that I did. Not sure how many movies I watched for the first time because the title caught my eye while flipping through. That book was an invaluable resource for someone who grew up in a rural area with little film interest in a pre-Internet world.
    I’d love to see some of the memorabilia he’s got crammed into his office.

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