Just The Discs – Episode 102 – THE MANITOU! with Brendon Small!

The great and delightful Brendon Small is back and he’s brought his synthesizer and it is awesome. This time we take a long look at THE MANINTOU (1978) via the new Scream Factory Blu-ray. If you haven’t seen THE MANITOU, it is just one of those movies that is made for the WTF canon and needs to be watched immediately! Oh and listen for some rare Tony Curtis outtakes in this one – how we got them is a mystery…

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5 comments on Just The Discs – Episode 102 – THE MANITOU! with Brendon Small!

  1. Nicholas says:

    Hi, this is Nic from Filmshake. I just want to say, this episode was fantastic. Home Movies is one of my favorite all-time shows, and Tony Curtis…I mean, Brendon Small, and his incredible synth destroyed here. Being a big fan of “How is this PG?” horror movies from this era, as well as nutso Burgess Meredith appearances, I have absolutely no idea how I haven’t seen this movie, but you guys sold me. Thank you for not spoiling whatever this insane ending is because I cannot wait to discover it for myself.

  2. Brian Saur says:

    Thanks so much Nic! Really appreciate the kind words! I too am a HUGE Home Movies fan so it’s been a surreal blast getting to know Brendon through my podcasts (he first became a fan of Pure Cinema and then Just the Discs). He’s been incredibly generous with his time (as this is his third episode of Just the Discs so far and we have at least one more planned for now) and is always fun to hang out with. Glad you dug it and the movie is very nutty for sure and worth a look!

  3. That’s awesome news! I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next one. Now to Shudder (where one of the reviews for The Manitou says “5/5–This movie is a great example of an anti-drug film. It highlights the dangers of mixing drug use and film-making.”)

  4. Brian Saur says:

    Haha, nice review! Makes sense.

  5. Nicholas says:

    Not only was this just as advertised, but the score is done by Lalo “Mission Impossible” Schifrin. Also, Brendon’s imitation of Tony Curtis is essentially the Tony Curtis experience this movie provides. What a beautiful world we exist in.

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