Good Times, Great Movies

Hosted ByDoug McCambridge and Jamie Lorello

A podcast about the best (but usually worst) of 80s cinema!

GTGM Episode 100: Mac and Me (1988)

Jamie and Doug celebrate this milestone by taking in one of the most legendary bad movies of the decade. Grab your bag of Skittles and Coca Cola, slide into the booth at your favorite McDonald’s and embrace the nonsense!


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2 comments on GTGM Episode 100: Mac and Me (1988)

  1. Wow, y’all have great chemistry! I guess 100 shows will do that. Also, thanks, now I never have to watch Mac and Me, outside of the 20 seconds Paul Rudd plays every time he is on Conan…and the three or four times a year I watch the dance sequence on Youtube.

  2. Doug says:

    Hahaha! Thank you so much for the kind words and I have to say that i’ve been listening to your show from the jump and absolutely love it. I play along with the ‘quiz’ portion as I’m sure all do. My record isn’t great but not too shabby. Keep up the wonderful work.

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