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The Complete Kieślowski 4 – Camera Buff

Matt and Travis welcome Will Remmers to the show to discuss Kieślowski’s second theatrical feature and four feature overall, 1979’s Camera Buff. After The Calm was shelved, Kieślowski carried on with his documentary work, producing I Don’t Know (which he voluntarily shelved to protect the subject), From a Night Porter’s Point of View, and Seven Women of Different Ages. The latter two are only 15 minutes, but I Don’t Know is essentially a 45-minute monologue from a former Party official who had his life destroyed when he tried to clear out corruption at a glove factory. The film is hugely illuminating in the context of Kieślowski’s 70s narrative work, and it can be found on this wonderful compilation of Kieślowski’s documentary work, which is a must own for any fan of his films.

As for Camera Buff, the film picks up where The Calm left off, a Jerzy Stuhr plays a man who has fulfilled his dream of a wife, a house, a television, and now a daughter, born at the beginning of the film. But this domestic bliss is interrupted immediately when he buys a camera to document his daughter’s life and quickly becomes obsessed with the device, much to his wife’s chagrin.

This discussion will contain spoilers after the first thirty minutes or so, and the film will be available when the Criterion Channel launches in early April.