Announcement: Just the Discs is part of The 25th Frame

We are thrilled to announce another addition to our growing lineup here at 25th Frame Media!

You may know Brian Saur as the co-host of Pure Cinema Podcast, the blogger at Rupert Pupkins Speaks, or formerly as the co-host of Off the Shelf. He has a wide variety of tastes and is one of the most knowledgeable people about film that I’ve met.

We are honored to have his Just the Discs Podcast join our network. For those who don’t know, this show is a (mostly) weekly discussion about home media. The angle is that he talks about a pile of discs, and he focuses not just on the major releases but also smaller, boutique labels. It is nearly impossible to listen to an episode and not come away with a recommendation, whether it is an arthouse masterpiece, a cult classic, or an underappreciated gem.

He covers labels such as Shout/Scream Factory, Twilight Time, Kino, Arrow Video, and so many more. Lately he has been covering new arrivals with Rob Galluzzo from Shockwaves Podcast.

Brian’s show is a labor of love and it shows. As far as how it fits within The 25th Frame, it complements our other home media discussions (such as Criterion Now, Arrow Now), and gives us comprehensive coverage of the physical media. I’m sure Brian will be part of the conversation as we continue to observe the state of Blu-Ray, streaming, exhibition, and how this landscape is changing, but he will remain an advocate for getting a stack of discs.

You can find subscribe links at his show page, and episodes will appear on the master feed.

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