Movies Silently launches!

It feels strange typing that headline about a website and person that I’ve been reading for years. Fritzi Kramer, the charismatic and enthusiastic cinephile behind the Movies Silently blog, has launched a new podcast.

Fritzi has been hard at work for a couple of months working on the Movies Silenty Podcast and has released her first episode with guest Christopher Bird. They talk about tinting, which is the exact sort of uniquely silent film discussion that I’d hope to hear from her podcast. Coincidentally, her first guest just announced the production of a new Queen Documentary entitled The Show Must Go On on the heels of Bohemian Rhapsody picking up some statuettes at this Sunday’s Academy Awards presentation.

The episode is currently live on the website and can be heard on iTunes via the 25th Frame Media Master Feed. The standalone feed has been submitted to iTunes and should be available to subscribe to directly within the next couple of days. From there it should hit the majority of podcast devices and Fritzi can slowly continue her takeover of the film social media world.

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  1. Jonathan James says:

    Woo hoo! Very excited to listen, and very excited to have such a talented podcaster with us on the network

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