Criterion Now is rebooted, reborn, or whatever you want to call it, under the 25th Frame. Here to celebrate the first episode of the year and this new network are partner Cole Roulain and creative consultant, Matt Gasteier. In addition to launching the new network, we get into some Criterion news. The big topic is the April 2019 announcements, and we briefly go over the New Year’s Drawing clues, MyCriterion, and speculate on what box sets are coming next.

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5 comments on Criterion Now 78 – April 2019 Announcements, New Year’s Drawing, Wong Kar Wai, Orson Welles

  1. HitchBrick says:

    Aaron why are you always concerned about the running time? people always like it longer

    1. Aaron West says:

      In this case it was because I wanted lunch. 🙂

  2. FictionIsntReal says:

    Why didn’t this podcast appear at the Criterion Cast site? Criterion Reflections are still appearing there, but the most recent Criterion Now was December 30.

    1. Cole Roulain says:

      Criterion Now has amicably left the Criterion Cast network to concentrate on being one of the flagship shows of this new network. Criterion Reflections is still affiliated with the Criterion Cast network and continues to do excellent work there.

      1. Aaron West says:

        Thanks, Cole. Yes, we are still extremely good friends and supportive of each other, but we launched this endeavor outside of CriterionCast. The show can be found on the Criterion Now feed or the 25th Frame Master Feed. Reflections is still at CriterionCast and to my knowledge has no plans to leave.

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