Month: January 2019

The Complete Kieślowski 1: Personnel

Season three of The Complete begins with the first full-length film made by Krzysztof Kieślowski, the made-for-TV 72-minute feature Personnel. We begin by discussing the director’s reputation and give a brief overview of his early life, time at the Łodz film school, and early documentary work. We also discuss the short narratives he made prior to Personnel, Pedestrian Subway and First Love, both under an hour.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1941, Kieślowski died from failed open-heart surgery in 1996 in the same city. His birth and death virtually bookended the communist era in Poland, and his early documentary work presents this era’s tumultuous and dreary struggle. Personnel in many ways feels like the culmination of his early 70s work, and it kicked off his path toward one of the most heralded careers in cinema.

Note that Personnel is currently difficult to find – it appeared on Arrow’s Dekalog set, which is no longer available. For that reason, we’ve kept the first part of the discussion spoiler free.

Thanks to Julian Wass for the new (and old) opening music, Doug McCambridge for the awesome new logo, and Ericca Long for her soothing 25th Frame send off!

Just the Discs – Episode 91 – DRAGNET/CAN’T HARDLY WAIT

On this episode, Just The Disc regular and Fan favorite Stephanie Crawford is back to talk a couple beloved comedies in DRAGNET (1987) (Shout Factory) and CAN’T HARDLY WAIT (1998) (Mill Creek)!

The Magic Lantern: Episode 096 – Thunder Road

It’s something that I always remind myself of anytime I begin to lament the state of the artistic landscape – there’s always someone out there, hustling, making sacrifices, trying to make that next great film. If I am not aware of it, that’s on me. I am not working hard enough to find it. Thunder Road (Cummings, 2018) was the latest discovery to remind me to keep after it, to keep chasing that feeling that I’ve been after since I was a kid, ordering records out of the back of fanzines.

Using his excellent short of the same name as a springboard, Jim Cummings vaults into a tragicomic character sketch unlike anything I have seen in a long time. It is on a wavelength all its own. Seldom has a downward spiral been so funny. Seldom has a comic masterclass been so heart-rending. If you find yourself occasionally despairing over the state of indie film, take heart. There are always folks out there doing good work. We just have to keep our ears to the ground. With any luck, Jim Cummings will be providing his fair share of those discoveries for years to come.

What you’ll find in this episode: the benefits and drawbacks of trailers and the expectations they set up, short fuses, long takes, and dancing at funerals.

– Cole

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Cole’s further viewing pick of The Foot Fist Way.
Jim Cummings’ original short, Thunder Road.
A great article from Jim Cummings about how to get your indie film made.

Daisuke Beppu – The Films of Edward Yang 1: In Our Time (“Desires” aka “Expectations”)

Daisuke looks at the Taiwanese master’s contribution to this early, important work.

Criterion Now 78 – April 2019 Announcements, New Year’s Drawing, Wong Kar Wai, Orson Welles

Criterion Now is rebooted, reborn, or whatever you want to call it, under the 25th Frame. Here to celebrate the first episode of the year and this new network are partner Cole Roulain and creative consultant, Matt Gasteier. In addition to launching the new network, we get into some Criterion news. The big topic is the April 2019 announcements, and we briefly go over the New Year’s Drawing clues, MyCriterion, and speculate on what box sets are coming next.

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Daisuke Beppu – Initial Thoughts on Suspiria (2018)

Daisuke discusses the Suspiria remake in his latest video.

GTGM Episode 96: All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

After witnessing what is clearly a small child stacked on top of two dogs place a bet, Jamie and Doug pool together their depression-era life savings of $43 and bet on the long-shot in the 5th, The Grand Chawhee! To be honest, at 1000/1 odds, it’s worth it to even put down a buck but they clean up with $43,000 and get the hell out of New Orleans as the town appears to be overrun with murderous dogs.




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Magnificent Obsession: Joe Cornish

Alicia talks to the lovely filmmaker Joe Cornish about watching fantasy adventure movies as a kid, and how that led to the creation of his own… with some toy reenactments in between.

Daisuke Beppu – My Ranking of the Films of Dario Argento

Prior to the launch of this network, Daisuke published a lengthy series about Dario Argento, which you can still see at his YouTube Channel. This video lists his favorites from the Giallo master.