Matthew Gasteier, co-host of The Complete podcast, joins FBF to discuss the filmography of Luchino Visconti. We cover the entire filmography in two episodes. Part 1 we covered OSSESSIONE to THE STRANGER. On this episode, the final part in this double-header, we begin with THE DAMNED and end with THE INNOCENT.

We also include a ranking of Visconti’s top 5 films, and I answer the very important question of who is hotter, Visconti’s men or Visconti’s women. Spoiler: they’re both hot.

We switch things up a bit this episode. Instead of discussing how hot Alain Delon was, we discuss how hot Helmut Berger was. This episode is pretty spoiler free, so feel free to listen even if you haven’t watched every Visconti film made.

If you’re new to Visconti, this episode is a terrific place to start. Matt is one of my favorite movie podcasters and it’s an honor to have him on.