Month: October 2018

The Magic Lantern: Episode 089 – The Magic Jack O’Lantern 2018

It’s that time again! In this episode, The Magic Jack O’Lantern 2018, we once again bring you our list of viewing tricks and treats to celebrate the season. We watched one Halloween inspired title every day in October and now pass the list and our impressions on to you in hopes that you might find some new scares for your regular viewing rotation or revisit some old spooky favorites. This year, our goal was to only watch films we had not yet seen: so Cole picked films that were new to him, and Ericca did the same. Here’s the full list!

Day 1: Opera (Argento, 1987)
Day 2: Hotel (Hausner, 2004)
Day 3: Kuroneko (Shindô, 1968)
Day 4: Demon (Wrona, 2015)
Day 5: God Told Me To (Cohen, 1976)
Day 6: Suspiria (Argento, 1977)
Day 7: The Vampire Doll (Yamamoto, 1970)
Day 8: Get Out (Peele, 2017)
Day 9: The Nun (Hardy, 2018)
Day 10: Poison for the Fairies (Taboada, 1985)
Day 11: The Beyond (Fulci, 1981)
Day 12: The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Here! (Milligan, 1972)
Day 13: Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (Christensen, 1922)
Day 14: Maniac (Lustig, 1980)
Day 15: Maniac (Khalfoun, 2012)
Day 16: Eraserhead (Lynch, 1977)
Day 17: The Fall of the House of Usher (Epstein, 1928)
Day 18: Tenebre (Argento, 1982)
Day 19: Lake of Dracula (Yamamoto, 1971)
Day 20: Black Sunday (Bava, 1960)
Day 21: The Devils (Russell, 1971)
Day 22: The Wicker Man (Hardy, 1973)
Day 23: Razorback (Mulcahy, 1984)
Day 24: Deep Red (Argento, 1975)
Day 25: Halloween (Green, 2018)
Day 26: The Exorcist III (Blatty, 1990)
Day 27: The Autopsy of Jane Doe (Øvredal, 2016)
Day 28: Livide (Bustillo, Maury, 2011)
Day 29: Kill List (Wheatley, 2011)
Day 30: Evil of Dracula (Yamamoto, 1974)
Day 31: Kwaidan (Kobayashi, 1964)

What you’ll find in this episode: lots of giallo, filling in major gaps in our horror firmament, and many new and old favorites from the 1920’s up through the last few years.

– Cole and Ericca

The history of the Jack O’Lantern.
Dario Argento talks about the giallo.
Japanese horror in print.

Criterion Now – Episode 72 – January 2019 Announcements, Bergman Box Preview, Flash Sale

First off, this episode was recording BEFORE the FilmStruck news. We discuss WarnerMedia, but had no idea what was coming. Mark, Steven and Aaron get into the January 2018 announcements, preview the Bergman Box Set based on DVD Beaver’s reviews, and we talk Barbet Schroeder, Harold Lloyd, Telluride, and much more.

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Just the Discs – Episode 78 – CABIN BOY

These Pipes…are clean!! John Cribbs joins Brian to discuss the Chris Elliot cult favorite CABIN BOY and the wonderful new special edition Blu-ray from Kino Lorber. Go buy yourself a spritzer and enjoy!

Criterion Now – Episode 71 – RIP FilmStruck

This is an emergency episode to talk about the unfortunate news that FilmStruck will be shutting down next month. Matt and Aaron express some emotions, speculate on what was behind this decision, talk about the streaming landscape and where things are headed, the state of physical media, and where Criterion may end up. Mostly, we want to thank the people from Criterion and FilmStruck for putting together such a remarkable, enjoyable service. Hopefully the next niche service will learn from their curation.

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The Complete Elaine May 2: The Heartbreak Kid

Travis and Matt take on Elaine May’s second film, the anti-romantic comedy The Heartbreak Kid. We talk about the film’s emphasis on character and how the movie upends conventions that had barely been invented yet. We also compare it to May’s former partner’s best-known movie and the atrocity that is the Farrelly brothers’ remake.

The Heartbreak Kid

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On this episode, JTD regular Stephanie Crawford joins Brian to discuss two recent Scream Factory Blu-rays: HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1999) and SOMEONE’S WATCHING ME (1978) – the latter directed by John Carpenter just before he did HALLOWEEN. Both good discs!

The Magic Lantern: Episode 088 – The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man (1973) is an undisputed classic of folk horror, though some of its principals would dispute that. Director Robin Hardy thought he was making a musical as much as anything else and star Christopher Lee has emphatically said he does not consider it a horror film. Well, gentlemen, I respectfully take issue with that. It embodies everything that defines folk horror – the clash of rural and urban, old ways and new, faith and reason. The creeping dread that we feel as it hurtles toward its fiery conclusion is real and the cruelty and glee of the villagers of Summerisle as they toy with their prey is disturbing long after the lights come up. The question at the heart of the story is something that practically everyone can relate to – how far are you willing to go for what you believe in? What despicable acts are you prepared to commit? What are you willing to endure in the name of proving your ideology as superior? Whether the gods are old, new, false or true, the things people do in the name of religion frequently expose the animal within. No mask required.

What you’ll find in this episode: randy villagers, uptight coppers, May Day festivities, pagans, Puritans, and a frog in the throat.

– Cole

Links and Recommendations:
Check out The Wicker Man on IMDB.
Ericca’s further viewing pick of Robin Redbreast.
Cole’s further viewing pick of The Dark Secret of Harvest Home.
A look at the pagan origins of May Day.
Accounts of the use of the Wicker Man throughout history.
The history of Christianity’s early martyrs.

GTGM Episode 89: Pet Sematary (1989)

College freshmen, Jamie and Doug are quite excited to begin their second semester at The University of Maine’s School of Medicine and see their favorite instructor, Professor Creed. While no details are given, he has left the school and his courses, ‘Double Human Burial’ and ‘Cat Corpses’ are no longer offered.





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Just the Discs – Episode 76 – Aykroyd Chattin’ (DOCTOR DETROIT and CELTIC PRIDE)

This week, Brian is joined by longtime online friend Tom Nix to discuss two very different Dan Aykroyd Movies. First his odd and yet very interesting headlining debut – DOCTOR DETROIT, followed by the much more problematic racial kidnapping basketball “comedy” CELTIC PRIDE (written by Judd Apatow). 

Criterion Now – Episode 70 – Night of the Living Dead, Mandy, Greatest Special Features

Matt Kubinski from CinemaJaw joins Aaron and Mark for a discussion of Criterion horror films, George Romero, Mandy, and many other topics. The segment with Matt begins at the 42:30 minute mark. The first half of the show is Aaron and Mark discussing the latest in Criterion news. They talk about the latest newsletter clue, the potential of a post-Barnes and Noble world, recent Janus Films additions, the best special features of all time, the upcoming Fassbinder Center in Frankfurt, and the next Wes Anderson movie. 

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