Month: June 2018

GTGM Episode 81: Return To Oz (1985) LIVE!

The last thing Doug and Jamie knew, they were just waling through the center of Oz and suddenly, they’re in the great hall praising a chicken for saving the land. Sure, they were TOLD that they had been turned to stone some six months ago and that Jamie’s head had been removed and put in a glass case, but they guy telling them this has a pumpkin for a head!





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Just the Discs -Episode 60 – Imports! with Rob Galluzzo

Rob Galluzzo returns again to talk about Imports and why collectors should be all-region compatible. To demonstrate, Brian and Rob go through ten picks each of titles that they love that are only currently available on Blu-ray outside the U.S.

Criterion Now – Episode 58 – September 2018 Announcements, Ken Russell

Lisi Tribble Russell joins Aaron to talk about her experiences with Ken Russell how it feels to finally have him in the Criterion Collection. She gets into the September 2018 announcements, and brings her cinephile chops having seen all of them. We then talk about The Devils, Ken’s TV work, Oliver Reed, Alan Bates, and so much more. 

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Music for the show is from Fatboy Roberts’ Geek Remixed project.

Just the Discs -Episode 59 – Monsters with Raven

On this episode, Brian’s daughter Raven returns to talk monster films – including NIGHT OF THE LEPUS (Scream Factory), THE BLACK SCORPION (Warner Archive) and the TREMORS Series.

The Magic Lantern: Episode 079 – Wake in Fright

Every time I watch Wake in Fright (Kotcheff, 1971), I just want it to be over. Then I want to watch it again. It is just as terrifying each time, and I am just as much a prisoner to its landscape as John, played here by Gary Bond. I know that I will always be repelled and intrigued by Doc, because of Donald Pleasence’s magnetic performance. I will wish to cover my eyes during the interminable kangaroo hunt scenes. I will taste that same dust again, be drenched in sweat, and shake with muted rage and fear at the aggression demonstrated through “mateship” and insistent hospitality.

Kenneth Cook, the author of the novel upon which the film is based, derived his title from an old curse: “May you dream of the devil and wake in fright.” In this film, there is absolutely no need to dream, and certainly no respite in it. The devils walk among us, and as the director shows us, once you scrape away the veneer, the devil inside us all is revealed. It is simply of matter of how much you need to be pushed to finally release that brutality. For John, it takes the most nightmarish of all lost weekends to show the insincerity of his own moral and intellectual structure. Can you blame him in this hellscape? After all, he is new to the Yabba.

What you’ll find in this episode: American analogues for this film, if we agree with Nick Cave and consider it a horror film, and whether Chips Rafferty actually drank all those pints.

– Ericca

Links and Recommendations:
Check out Wake in Fright on IMDB.
Ericca’s further viewing pick of Straw Dogs.
Cole’s further viewing pick of The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith.
Revisiting the film with Kate Jennings.
Jack Thompson on his shoot for Cleo magazine (contains nude image).

GTGM Episode 80: Cheerleader Camp (1988)

Jamie and Doug are relieved to find that their kids were not among the murdered at Camp Hurrah so of course they’re relieved. Not long after that though, they do find out that the Camp has run for years not accredited by the American Board of Cheer Camps (the ABCC) and was nothing more than a scam concocted by Kristen Wiig.





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The Complete Kubrick 12: Full Metal Jacket

Matt and Travis are joined by Doug McCambridge of Good Times, Great Movies to discuss Kubrick’s final war film, 1987’s Full Metal Jacket. We explore Kubrick’s larger purpose beyond the Vietnam War and the complicated moral landscape of the film.

Full Metal Jacket

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The Magic Lantern: Episode 078 – The Toronto True Crime Film Festival 2018 by Lantern Light

In this special episode we discuss the films and symposiums of the inaugural Toronto True Crime Film Festival, a two day festival devoted to true crime on the big screen, including both documentaries and fictionalized films based on true crimes. The program included five features, each paired with a thematically linked short film, and three symposiums that covered a remarkable variety of true crime cases and related topics.

This was a grand time and Toronto is a wonderful city to spend a weekend in, delving deeply into the darkness in our hearts. We look forward to next year!

The Toronto True Crime Film Festival 2018 Line Up:
Maybe If It Were a Nice Room (Harris, 2016)
Abducted in Plain Sight (Borgman, 2017)
Traffic Stop (Davis, Heilbroner, 2017)
My Name Is Myeisha (Krieger, 2018)
The Sandman (Knapp, 2017)
Monster (Jenkins, 2003)
42 Counts (Gevargizian, 2018)
The Stranger (Horanyi, 2017)
Don’t Be a Hero (Lee, 2018)
Hostages (Gigineishvili, 2017)

The Symposiums:
Why Do Women Love True Crime?
L.A. Despair: Chasing Death with John Gilmore
The Rise of the Armchair Detective

What you’ll find in this episode: shocking family secrets, jaw-dropping revelations, systemic injustice, human wreckage, heists, hijackings, and one French Bulldog.

– Cole and Ericca

The home of the Toronto True Crime Film Festival
The work of Alicia K. Harris
The online home of Skye Borgman
An interview with Rickerby Hinds on hip hop, theatre, and teaching
The fascinating, heartbreaking story of Peggy Jo Tallas

Just the Discs – Episode 58 – THREE O’CLOCK HIGH

On this episode, Rob Galluzzo (from the Shockwaves podcast) returns to discuss the amazing film THREE O’CLOCK HIGH, which came out on Blu-ray from Shout Factory late last year.