Month: January 2018

The Complete Kubrick 8: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Matt and Travis welcome David Blakeslee of Criterion Reflections and CriterionCast to discuss his favorite film of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey. We go through each of the film’s four sections and discuss the film’s significance in both world history and our own journeys through cinema.

2001: A Space Odyssey

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David’s commentary on 2001

Film Baby Film: Episode 16 – Top 10 Movies of 2017

DJ Moore joins FBF again, this time to discuss the top 10 movies of 2017. We both discuss how much we enjoyed this year’s films, as well as why we need movies in these rockiest of times. We also discuss some of the movies that didn’t make our list, and we mention some of the movies we didn’t see yet from 2017. DJ and I even get to disagree a couple of times, well, more like I disagree with DJ and he’s too polite to tell me to shut up. Thanks for that DJ.

DJ’s Top 10:

10. mother!
9. Phantom Thread
8. Coco
7. Get Out
6. Florida Project
5. Wind River
4. Blade Runner 2049
3. Lady Bird
2. The Post
1. Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri

Jon’s Top 10:

10. Get Out
9. Your Name.
8. The Post
7. Lady Bird
6. Phantom Thread
5. Good Time
4. Columbus
3. Raw
2. A Quiet Passion
1. Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri

Film Baby Film: Episode 15: PTA Pt. 2 – There Will Be Blood & The Master

Today is part 2 of the Paul Thomas Anderson discussion with guest host Jordan Essoe. We discuss THERE WILL BE BLOOD and THE MASTER, and then rank our favorite PTA films in order. Jordan continues to be awesome. Check it out.

Intro: 0:00-5:00
There Will Be Blood: 5:00-56:25
The Master: 56:26-1:19:50
PTA Films, Ranked: 1:19:51-End

Jordan’s PTA Films, Ranked:
1. The Master
2. Magnolia
3. Boogie Nights
4. Punch Drunk Love
5. There Will Be Blood
6. Inherent Vice
7. Hard Eight

Jon’s PTA Films, Ranked:
1. There Will Be Blood
2. Punch Drunk Love
3. Magnolia
4. Inherent Vice
5. The Master
6. Boogie Nights
7. Hard Eight

Jon Laubinger:

Jordan Essoe:

Arrow Now – Episode 2 – Best of 2017

Aaron is joined by RJ Tougas and Tim Leggoe to discuss Arrow Films from the perspective of three different countries. We dig into 2017 and talk about the best of the year, with Aaron and Tim looking at international releases and RJ focusing on Region A. We discuss the recent and upcoming releases, including the teasers for 12 Monkeys and Elvira. We also talk about the new website, and Aaron yet again buys something while podcasting.

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Music for the show is from Fatboy Roberts’ Geek Remixed project.

The Magic Lantern: Episode 068 – Sweet Charity

What happens when you take a preternatural talent and give him a gigantic crew, cast, resources, many stages, and let him loose to reimagine a work he created with his muse, another preternatural talent? In the case of Sweet Charity (1969), you get a young but experienced dynamo, Bob Fosse, taking his stage production out of the proscenium and into the streets. You get a production danced and sung and lived by another dynamo, Shirley MacLaine, who may not have created the character (that was Gwen Verdon, who took Shirley through her paces as an uncredited assistant choreographer, and who modeled her character on Shirley) but who seems to embody her essence. You get a company that includes Chita Rivera and Paula Kelly, who each put their stamp on the choreography and the world they build. You throw in a couple of gentlemen you may have heard of, Ben Vereen and Sammy Davis, Jr., and you get a musical for the ages.

I’m not alone in this assessment, but I’m also not in the majority. Shirley is not the greatest musical theatre actress and performer of all time, maybe she’s too much of a character actor above all. Bob Fosse agreed that he pulled out every cinematic trick in the book because it was his first time in the director’s chair; and the musical itself, its book, music, and lyrics may have both existed in and out of its time. I had the benefit of watching this not in the time it was created, and also outside of the strict chronology of Fosse’s work, so I came in with no expectations. It was just a wonderful filmgoing experience, one that opened my eyes to what a musical could be.

As always, I hope you watch and decide for yourself!

What you’ll find in this episode: discussion of the source material, why Sammy Davis, Jr. is the coolest, and how context matters or doesn’t.

– Ericca

Links and Recommendations:
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Ericca’s further viewing pick of La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet.
Cole’s further viewing pick of The Nights of Cabiria.
Shirley MacLaine doing Sondheim.
In case there was ever any doubt that Liza is also a performer for the ages.
The luminous Gwen Verdon, two ways: flying with Debbie Allen and with Chita for Chicago.

Just the Discs – Episode 39 – More AGFA

On this episode, Rob Hunter (Film School Rejects) returns to discuss three Blu-rays from AGFA: THE VIOLENT YEARS, THE SWORD AND THE CLAW and BAT PUSSY. 

GTGM Episode 70: The Toy (1982)

After waiting in line for the bus for over an hour, Jamie gets a job at the local car wash and Doug lands a position as a toy tester/night watchman/cleaning lady/waitress after Bates realizes those jobs have been open for the past week!


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Just the Discs – Episode 38 – A Criterion 4-Pack

On this episode, Brian talks us through a small stack of recent-ish Criterion Blu-rays including ELECTION, JABBERWOCKY, HOPSCOTCH and LE SAMOURAI.

Criterion Now – Episode 44 – April 2018 Announcements, Paul Thomas Anderson, Abbas Kiarostami

Just the Discs – Episode 37 – Cops!!

On this episode, Brian throws together a pile of cop movies on Blu-ray from various labels – including: BRANNIGAN! (Kino Lorber), MCQ (WB), SHAKEDOWN (Shout Factory), LAST OF THE FINEST (Kino Lorber), CODE OF SILENCE (Kino Lorber), and STONE COLD DEAD (Kino Lorber).