Month: December 2017

Just the Discs – Episode 36 – The Wonderful Worlds of Ray Harryhausen Vol. 2 from Indicator

On this episode, Brian returns to Indicator territory with their 3rd Ray Harryhausen Boxset – this one including MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS and FIRST MEN IN THE MOON. More Harryhausen on Blu-ray is always a good thing.

GTGM Episode 68: Captain EO (1986)

Jamie’s life improves significantly after Captain EO leaves as she enjoys her new job as professional orange-suited backup dancer as opposed to evil wall-robot. The bad news is that Doug was not shot with rainbow light and remains a garbage can.


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Film Baby Film: Episode 13 – Book and a Movie-Roadside Picnic & Stalker

Get ready for the FIRST EVER CROSSOVER EPISODE! We joined forces with Reading Envy to discuss a book and movie. Jenny Colvin, the host of Reading Envy, is a total bad-ass. She read over 300 books last year, and she is one of the most intelligent podcasters I know. I thoroughly enjoy her podcast (if you’re New Years Resolution is to read more, check out her “Best of 2017” for book suggestions).

We discussed the book ROADSIDE PICNIC by the Strugatsky brothers, and the Tarkovsky slow-film classic STALKER. We discuss the similarities and differences between the source material and the adaptation, as well as some of the things we liked (and didn’t like). Jenny and I also discuss Infinite Jest, some of her favorite books of the year, a famous littering scene from the show MAD MEN, and finally my friend’s deepest fear.

Criterion Now – Episode 42 – Year in Review

Aaron celebrates the year with Mark Hurne. Having just recorded the CriterionCast best of the year episode, we single out a few other favorites and highlights of the year. We get into the Festivus spirit by airing grievances, share our New Year’s Resolutions, and talk have a Merry Blu Christmas.

Episode Notes

7:00 – New Year’s Resolutions

10:45 – Favorites of the Year

24:00 – Year in Review

36:00 – Blu Christmas & Criterion News

47:30 – Short Takes (The Lure, Olympia)

54:50 – FilmStruck

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Film Baby Film: Episode 12 – Fritz Lang’s M

One of the great films made during the early transition from silent to sound, Fritz Lang’s M is a movie that has aged well. On this episode we discuss the 1931 German serial killer thriller with Matthew Speredelozzi, a criminal defense attorney and actor. We discuss the film and it’s technical achievements, but we also focus on the ethical issues of criminal defense, and the importance of finding the right balance between due process and our desire for vengeance in order to protect justice.

Definitely listen all the way to the end, as Matthew discusses some recent trial work where he has helped get an innocent man a new chance at freedom.

Just the Discs – Episode 35 – FUNERAL PARADE OF ROSES with Elric Kane

On this very special episode, Brian is joined by his Pure Cinema Podcast partner Elric Kane to discuss Toshio Matsumoto’s FUNERAL PARADE OF ROSES – now on Blu-ray from Cinelicious Pics. This episode also features a special bonus interview with restoration artist Craig Rogers who has worked on several Cinelicious releases including BELLADONNA OF SADNESS and PRIVATE PROPERTY (both great Blu-rays).

Criterion Now – Episode 41 – March 2018 Announcements, Barry Lyndon

Aaron is joined by Chris and Justin from Casually Criterion, a brand new podcast that explores the Criterion Collection a spine number at a time. We discuss the Criterion March 2018 announcements, many of which were a refreshing surprise, and we do a slightly deeper dive into Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon. We also cover the latest in Criterion news and FilmStruck.

Episode Notes

8:30 – March 2018 Announcements

32:00 – New Releases

36:00 – Criterion News

44:20 – Barry Lyndon

58:20 – Short Takes (Seven Samurai, Amarcord, Election)

1:06:00 – FilmStruck

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Music for the show is from Fatboy Roberts’ Geek Remixed project.

The Magic Lantern: Episode 065 – Ants In Your Pants of 2017

It’s our third annual Ants In Your Pants episode, as we close out 2017! As always, our lists were culled with much difficulty from all the wonderful films we saw this year, and we only talk about those we saw for the first time which made the biggest impressions on each of us. We have some classics and some little-seen gems that we hope you check out. Thank you for listening to us throughout 2017 and we can’t wait to get started on the 2018 list!

Our shared favorites:
The Marseille Trilogy: Marius (Korda, 1931), Fanny (Allégret, 1932), César (Pagnol, 1936)
Dry Summer (Erksan, 1963)

Cole’s favorites:
The Starfish (Man Ray, 1928)
Ruggles of Red Gap (McCarey, 1935)
Rabbit’s Moon (Anger, 1950)
The Lineup (Siegel, 1958)
The Hourglass Sanatorium (Has, 1973)
Bôhachi Bushidô: Code of the Forgotten Eight (Ishii, 1973)
Fists of the White Lotus (Lo, 1980)
Paris is Burning (Livingston, 1990)

Ericca’s favorites:
The Maisie Collection: Volume One and Volume Two (Various, 1939-47)
‘I Know Where I’m Going!’ (Powell, Pressburger, 1945)
The Prowler (Losey, 1951)
A Star Is Born (Cukor, 1954)
Mirror (Tarkovsky, 1975)
Remember My Name (Rudolph, 1978)
La Cérémonie (Chabrol, 1995)
The Great Flood (Morrison, 2012)

What you’ll find in this episode: our favorite discoveries of 2017, Ericca issues a formal apology to Ann Sothern, our honorable mentions, and Cole keeps it weird as usual.

– Cole and Ericca

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The Complete Kubrick 7: Dr. Strangelove

Matt and Travis are joined by Jon Laubinger of Film Baby Film to discuss Dr. Strangelove. We focus on the film’s relevance in today’s political climate and Kubrick’s decision to make a satire rather than a straight thriller.

Dr. Strangelove

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Just the Discs – Episode 34 – Random Movies with Raven

Brian’s daughter Raven returns on this episode to talk about an odd bunch of movies including THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN (Shout Factory), GIDGET (Twilight Time), ROCK-A-DOODLE (Olive) and DESPICABLE ME 3 (Universal). Lots of goofiness!