Getting to Hour 5 feels like a milestone of some sort. I feel like I’ve been working on it forever, and work commitments and sofa time got a bit more in the way this time around. Despite that, I am pleased to bring it to you only few days later than I had hoped.

Our latest 75-minute hour starts out with an intro that stretches the bounds of relevancy just a bit, but I do think I bring it around to fit by the end of it. At least that is how I am spinning it. It also gives me free-reign to play some music that means a lot to me while tieing it to the topic at hand.

In Hour 5, I spend some more time running the numbers around spines and release schedules. This time around I focus on the 5″ disc days which tend to behave much more nicely than that 12″ shenanigans that were discussed back in Hour 2.

Our Criterion Conversation this time around comes from the other side of the world. John Mathews is the co-host of the Director’s Suite Cast and turned out to be a fantastic guest for our focus on collecting Criterion. Tune in to find out what it is like to be a Completionist on a continent hell bent on not wanting you to succeed! John appears to have come to grips with the roadblocks in the way of his hobbies, but I suspect we all weep for his wallet.

Plus the usual assortment of ear candy including a double dose of tragically hipping and some nostalgic genX nostalgia. Not to mention the return of the Condiment Completionists.

  • Are Criterion Completionists Tragically Hip?
  • keeproductions presents Crunching the Numbers – Part One | 12m 47s
  • A conversation with John Mathews | 23m 38s

The Director’s Suite Cast co-hosted by  John Mathews

The Director’s Suite Website

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