And after Hour 2, here comes Hour 3!

This turned out to be a pretty special episode. Join me as I do a bit of Internet Over-Sharing and give you some personal insight into what collecting and Criterion have meant to me over a 21st century that started out in a fair amount of turmoil and has come today to be a wonderful life filled with love and Criterion! After that, a wonderful conversation with Doug McCambridge that still has me smiling.  I’m still amazed that we didn’t plan our topics ahead of time.

In between, some close-to-home clips from High Fidelity, a slew of screaming from Belial Bradley, and a warning from Wang Chung about staying in the 80s.

  • Hour 3 is here!
  • keeproductions presents Criterion Comfort| 6m 24s
  • A conversation with Doug McCambridge | 19m 05s

Doug McCambridge


Keith Enright

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