We’re on a roll, folks. The Criterion Completion Hour 2 is on the air.

Join me for another hour of more Completioning. Come listen as I take you down the rabbit hole of spine numbering in the lawless days of the Criterion laser disc. Then stick around for a great primer on all things to know where David Blakeslee and the Criterion Collection intersect. We could have talked for hours, somehow we kept it under one.

In between we’ll hear a snippet or three from Big Audio Dynamite, Oliver Stone, Sadhguru, Sam Lowry, and a few other surprises.

  • Welcome, welcome, welcome to Hour 2, 2, 2!
  • keeproductions presents Spinal Destination | 7m 21s
  • A conversation with David Blakeslee | 18m 47s

David Blakeslee

Criterion Reflections at CriterionCast

Keith Enright

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