Thank your for joining me for the inaugural Criterion Completion Hour!

Click and listen as I explain what this is all about and what you can and cannot expect to hear on this monthly missive. I’ll explain what it means to be a Criterion Completionist and how you can define the terms yourself to be compliant with whatever definition works best for you.

Then a fun conversation with Ryan Gallagher of as he and I explore the history of his great site and podcasting history since 2009.

All this plus a little Leonard Maltin, Mary Hart, Charlotte Gainsbourg , Terence Stamp, and Samantha Eggar to fill out the 64 minutes of our first hour!

  • Welcome, welcome, welcome!
  • The ins and outs of Criterion Completioning | 7m 50s
  • A conversation with Ryan Gallagher | 17m 20s

Ryan Gallagher


Keith Enright

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