Episode Outline:

0:00 – Introduction, Blogathon, News 25:00 – November Criterion release discussion 43:00 – Geekfest. “Confirmed” discussion. 1:26:00 – Geekfest. Rumored discussion.

Mark Hurne, Aaron West and Special Guest Trevor Berrett from Mookes and Gripes and The Eclipse Viewer.

Correction: Allan Fish did not contribute directly to The Story of Film as stated on the show. He made suggestions via a friend and provided DVDs to The Story of Children and Film. His name is subsequently in the “thanks” section.

Criterion Blogathon.

First Round of Blogathon Responses.

Criterion Cast: The Newsstand, November Releases.

A Plea for Criterion Eclipse Sets of the future.

Blu-Ray.com Criterion Collection Thread

Eclipse Viewer 20: A Conversation with Michael Koresky.

Luis García Berlanga phantom page.

Contact info: feedback@criterionclose-up.com

Twitters: Trevor Berrett Mark Hurne Aaron West

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